A financial product commonly offered to consumers by banks.

Such structured deposits are a combination of a saving account and a structured investment where capital is guaranteed by the issuing bank. They are different from savings accounts in that the Structured Deposit returns depend usually on the performance of an underlying financial instrument.

Baiduri 5 Year Singapore-Equity Linked Structured Deposit – Series 1

The Baiduri 5 Year Singapore Equity-Linked Structured Deposit – Series 1 guarantees interest payout of 10.00%* upon maturity at the end of the fifth year. And with our strategic selection of investing with 5 well established Singapore companies, there is potential for higher earnings if these establishments achieve higher than the anticipated target rate.

Please note that the offer period for Baiduri 5 Year Singapore Equity Linked Structured Deposit – Series 1 closed on 11 April 2015.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the product term sheet for more details.

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