Terms and Conditions


1. Term
1.1 This Promotion begins on 1 March 2017 and ends on 31May 2017, both dates inclusive (the “Promotion Period”).
2. Eligibility
2.1 For the purpose of this Promotion, only the following Baiduri Visa Credit Cards are applicable (“Cards”, “a Card”): a) Baiduri Visa Infinite Credit Card b) Baiduri Visa Platinum Credit Card c) Baiduri Visa Classic Credit Card
2.2 This Promotion applies to applicants who do not have a Card or have not been holding a Card for at least the past 12 months prior to this Promotion.
2.3 This Promotion applies to new Principal Card applications and Supplementary Card to Principal Card upgrade applications. Downgrades, replacements and reinstatements of cards cancelled within 12 months of the Promotion Period will not be eligible.
2.4 To qualify, applicants must successfully apply for a new principal Card during the Promotion Period (“Successful Applicant”).
2.5 The Card must remain valid during the Promotion Period.
2.6 Successful card applications that are cancelled within the first 12 months of card account opening will incur a penalty of BND200.
3. Successful applicants who meet the criteria in clause 2 will be eligible to the following:

3.1 Cashback offer
3.11 Successful applicants are entitled to 5% cashback on all retail Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions (“eligible spend”) made locally and overseas.
3.12 Cashback will be given for minimum cumulative spend of BND500 and maximum cumulative spend of up to BND4,000 eligible spend (capped at BND200) for the entire Promotion Period.
3.13 Cashback is not applicable for ATM withdrawals.
3.14 Cashback will be credited into Successful Applicant’s Card account one month from the end of the Promotion Period.
3.2 Annual fee waiver
3.21 Successful Applicants are entitled to 2 years annual fee waiver.
3.3 Balance Transfer
3.31 Successful Applicants who transfer their card balance from another credit card will enjoy zero interest on the transferred outstanding balance in the first 6 months.
4. General
4.1 4.1 This Promotion is governed by Baiduri Bank’s terms and conditions on the related products and any other documents forming the banking agreement.
4.2 Baiduri Bank may, at any time and without prior notice or liability to any party, suspend or terminate the Promotion or vary these terms and conditions.
4.3 The Bank reserves the right to determine at its sole and absolute discretion all matters arising out of or in connection with the Promotion. The Bank’s determination of all matters relating to this Promotion shall be final and conclusive and no correspondence will be entertained.