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Bonds are a form of fixed income securities issued by governments or companies to raise funds from the financial markets. Most bonds pay a steady stream of income (known as coupon payment) at regular intervals throughout the tenor of the bonds. They also provide an alternative means to diversify an investment portfolio.

key features & BENEFITS
Regular and stable income
Potential capital appreciation
A wide range of selection from high grade to high yield bonds to suit your needs and risk appetite
Alternative investment product to diversify investment portfolio which can help to reduce risk concentration in any one assets class within a portfolio.
Regular and fixed interest payments* received by the investor.
*Except for zero-coupon and floating-rate bond

Risks of BONDS

Some of the risks associated with bonds include:

    Bond price is inversely related with interest rates; hence higher interest rates would result in lower bonds prices and vice-versa.

    Any downgrading in the credit rating of a bond issuer would affect its repayment ability, resulting in the depreciation of the bond price.

    Investors may lose all or a substantial part of the invested amount if a bond issuer defaults on payment.

    Bonds are typically traded over-the-counter, which could result in some bonds being less liquid than others. The demand and supply dynamics of the market will also determine the secondary market prices.

  • How to Start Trading
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Required Documents
  • Fees & Charges
  • How to Start Trading

    How to Start Trading

    Step 1

    If you do not have an existing saving or current account with Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance, you will need to open an account for the purpose of trading.

    Step 2

    Make an appointment with Baiduri Capital to complete the account opening. You will need to bring all the required documents during your visit.

    Step 3

    Once account opening has been completed, our dedicated dealers will help you learn how to navigate our trading platform and make the most of available resources.

    If you have any queries, please contact +673 226 8588.


    Terms and conditions governing Baiduri Capital Securities Trading Account
  • Eligibility Criteria


    • 21 years old and above
    • Brunei Citizen, Permanent Resident and Foreigners*
    • Maintain an account with Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance

    *Terms and Conditions apply
  • Required Documents



    • Valid Identity Card, Royal Brunei Armed Forces Identity Card, Diplomatic pass; or
    • Valid Passport with latest Proof of Residential Address1

    Option 1
    • Identity card or temporary receipt, within its validity, issued by the Brunei Immigration Department
    • Passport with valid employment pass (with at least one month’s validity)

    Option 2
    • Passport with valid employment pass
    • Letter of employment issued by the employer
    • Satisfactory evidence of Residential Address1
    1 Proof of Residential Address can be in the form of:

    • Utility Bill not over three months old e.g. electricity, telephone or water bill
    • Bank statement, credit card statement or a letter of reference from his/her account from a recognised bank
    • Valid Driving Licence
    • Employment confirmation letter from employer
  • Fees & Charges

    Fees & Charges

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