Baiduri Deals

Frequently Asked Questions

About Baiduri Deals

What is Baiduri Deals?

Baiduri Deals is an iPhone App developed in Brunei. This app allows users access great offers with eCoupons, Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Beauty, Tech & Gadgets when you are on the go! Baiduri Deals also gives you access to useful information such as Branch & ATM locators, merchant outlet addresses, Baiduri News & Events updates and Foreign Exchange Rates updates.

How much does Baiduri Deals cost?

Baiduri Deals is FREE to download.

What phones will Baiduri Deals work on?

Baiduri Deals works on all Android and Apple devices.

Getting Started

What do I need to use Baiduri Deals?

Baiduri Deals works on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 & all iPads. Your will also need minimum OS requirement 5.0.

Do I need to be a Baiduri Bank customer to use Baiduri Deals?

The Baiduri Deals app features Hot Deals through e-Coupons. The e-Coupons may have offers and deals that non-Baiduri customers can also enjoy, subject to the terms and conditions.

How do I get Baiduri Deals?

It's simple!
  • Visit the App Store and search combination of the following words "Baiduri", "Deals", "Bank", "eCoupon", "Coupons", "Discounts","Offers".
  • Download the App and look for it on your iPhone Home Screen.

Key Features

What can I do using Baiduri Deals?

Baiduri Deals has the following features;
  • e-Coupons
    Watch out for the latest offers under the Hot Deals tab in Baiduri Deals. Get discounts and privileges just by tapping your way through the app.
  • Benefits
    Merchant listings with Card Member all-year round benefits categorized alphabetically, by industry and location. App users, especially credit card holders can refer to the list of privileges anytime and anywhere.
  • Promotions
    Get the latest updates on Promotions relating to Baiduri Bank instantly through Baiduri Deals.
  • News
    Be updated with the latest news and events from Baiduri Bank instantly through Baiduri Deals.
    Get the most updated Exchange Rates under Baiduri Bank.
  • Branch & ATM Locations
    Locate your nearest ATMs, Baiduri Bank branch, Baiduri Finance branch or service Centres.
  • Contact Us
    Have access to important Baiduri Bank contact numbers or email addresses.

How do I retrieve and redeem an e-Coupon?

  • Open the App from your Home Screen.
  • Go to Deals or e-Coupons section to see the list of eCoupons.
  • Tap on the eCoupon you wish to redeem.
  • Tap on the redeem button which will bring you to a Merchant Verification screen.
  • The merchant will then need to key a verification code.
  • Once verified, then you will be entitled to the privileges.
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