1. The Baiduri Deals app collects your Device ID which is used for E-Coupon tracking and push notification. If you have questions about the security and privacy settings of your mobile device, please refer to instructions from your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of your device to learn how to adjust your settings.
  2. You do not have to insert any personal information on the app to access and use the app.
  3. The Baiduri Deals app detects your location which is used to push promotions and offers located nearby. You can opt to deactivate this function in the settings of your mobile device.
  4. You have the option to link social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter to your Baiduri Deals app. Once you have linked the Baiduri Deals app with social media networks, you will be able to share details on the app on your social media accounts.
  5. By proceeding through any of the above steps, you grant Baiduri Bank the permission to access all of the elements of your social network profile information that you have made available to be shared and to use.
  6. This App is a general audience application not directed at minors under the age of fifteen.
  7. By using the Baiduri Deals App, you acknowledge that you are at least fifteen years old and understand that you must be at least fifteen years old in order to use and redeem the E-Coupon through the app.
  8. We may amend this Policy from time to time and will place any such amendments on the Baiduri Deals App. This Policy is not intended to, nor does it create any contractual rights between the Bank and the customer.
  9. By downloading and using the Baiduri Deals app and any of its features you are agreeing to the terms set out above.
  10. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy. You can reach us online at or call us at 2449666.
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