1) How to apply for Automated Insurance Renewal?

There are 3 ways. You can either:

1. Submit the reply slip from the brochure back to Baiduri Finance.
2. Walk in and inform us. All u have to do is provide us with the required details below:
  • Name of Registered Vehicle,
  • Vehicle Registration number,
  • Insurance and Road tax expiry.
3. You can call BCI to inform us that you would like to apply for AIR (at 2426800 ext 8363, 8817, 8818 & 8819) and provide the necessary details for verification & identification purposes.

2) Am I eligible to apply if my salary is not assigned to Baiduri Bank?

You can apply for AIR as long as you have a Hire Purchase loan with BFB finance

3) How do I pay for my Insurance?

You may pay your AIR by:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • 3 month installment plan (min. 30% deposit required, remaining balance would be divided equally into three payments)

4) Will you arrange for my road tax?

Yes we will arrange for the road tax to be done for cars registered under 7 years on the road.

5) When can I pickup my road tax?

Your road tax will be ready within 3 working days.



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