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27th May 2012

Bandar Seri Begawan, Sunday 27 May 2012 – A total of 431 players have played at the RBA Golf Club since the Baiduri Masters Charity Golf Tournament started on 25 May 2012.  A total of 666 participants have registered to date.

The newest edition to the gross leader board:

In a determined effort to secure the top spot in the gross leader board

Shahminan Damit Mohd Zainul Amir Abdullah

, Pg Adam Pg Atan has surpassed Majid Ahmad today, marking his third attempt at the golf course this week. Coming close behind was new entry, Hj Shahminan Hj Damit.
The results are as follows:

Gross Leader Board

Rank Player name Gross By
1 Pg Adam Pg Atan 70  
2 Hj Shahminan Hj Damit 71  
3 Majid Ahmad 72  
4 Suhaimi Ibrahim 73 OCB (L9)
5 Mohd Zainul Amir Abdullah 74 OCB (L9)
6 Wan Man Wan Hil 74  
7 Lim Chai Hock 76 OCB (L9)
8 Seruji Hj Setia 76 OCB (L9)
9 Pg Darul Ehsan 76 OCB (L6)
10 Khairul Kamis 76 OCB (L3)
11 David Lee 76  
12 Hj Momin Sawal 77  

Division A: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Pg Adam Pg Atan 66  
2 Mohd Zainul Amir Abdullah 69 OCB (L9)
3 Hj Shahminan Hj Damit 69  
4 Suhaimi Ibrahim 70 OCB (L9)
5 Pg Darul Ehsan 70 OCB (L6)
6 Wan Man Wan Hil 70  
7 Lim Chai Hock 71 OCB (L3)

Division B: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Hj Yussof Latif 70 OCB (L6)
2 Hj Idriss Ismail 70 OCB (L9)
3 Simon Newn 70  
4 Hj Suhaimei Hj Besar 71 OCB (L9)
5 Bruce Chia Feung Fook 71 OCB (L9)
6 Rozaimi Hj Ahmad 71  
7 Pg Said Pg Hj Mahmud 72 OCB (L6)

Division C: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Merusin Bin Hj Hashim 74 OCB (L9)
2 Hasni Jafarudin 74 OCB (L9)
3 Dallen Foo 74  
4 Desmond Teo 75 OCB (L9)
5 Bahrin Md Noor 75 OCB (L9)
6 Hj Ali Bakar Hj Kassim 75 OCB (L6)
7 Baruddin Tuah 75 OCB (L6)

Junior Division: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Young Ren Wee 70  
2 Priscilla Huong Yunn 77 OCB (L9)
3 Abdul Azim B Abdul Kadir 77  
4 Mohd Irwan B Hj Ismail 81  
5 Ak Md Syakir Pg Hj Ali 89  
6 Too Chuan Yi 127  
7 Philbert Tan Lie Han 131  

Ladies Division: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Joan Chin 74  
2 Priscilla Wong 78 OCB (L9)
3 Hjh Norhayati Masri 78  
4 Dolly Hj Abdul Rahman 79  
5 Dora Madai 80  
6 Vanessa Fitzgerald 83  
7 Vienna Lim 84  
8 Hjh Norlela Hj Awg Buang 87  

Senior Division: Nett Leader Board

Rank Player name Nett By
1 Majid Ahmad 69  
2 Chieng Hock Hing 72 OCB (L6)
3 Dato Paduka Sheikh Hj Adnan Sheikh 72 OCB (L9)
4 Hj Ismail Hj Md Jaafar 72 OCB (L6)
5 Hang Sing Juan 72 OCB (L9)
6 Simon D. Gelan 72  
7 Hj Ismail Bin Hj Yusof 73 OCB (L9)

Nearest to the Pin – Day 3

Hole #2 – Hj Md Lutfi Abdullah
Hole #5 – Khairol Bakar
Hole #12 – Hj Ismail Hj Hamdan
Hole #14 – George Kho
Hole #16 – Hj Jalaluddin Hj Ghazali

Note:  The top 12 Gross players to vie for the Green Jacket will only be determined on Saturday, 02 June 2012 by 7.00 pm as the tournament is still ongoing at this venue.

The event will continue at the RBA Golf Club, Berakas next weekend, from 01 June to 03 June 2012. The top 12 gross players from RBA Golf Club will compete for the coveted Green Jacket on Sunday, 03 June 2012 in the morning.  The prize presentation ceremony will be held at Hua Ho Manggis Ballroom the same evening starting at 7.00 pm.
Besides the title champion, also up for grabs are three luxury cars and two cash prizes put up as hole-in-one prizes.  The luxury cars are Porsche Boxster, BMW 520, and Mini Cooper. The two cash prizes are B$20,000 each.  In the tournament’s 15 year history, only one person has managed to strike a hole-in-one two years ago and took home a BMW 730Li.

The schedule and registration details for next week’s tournament are available from RBA Golf Club. The public can also log on to www.baiduri.com for full details and to download the application form.  The deadline for registration is 30 June 2012 so players are encouraged to make payment as soon as possible to secure a slot. 

Players may play more than once to improve their chances of winning.  They will enjoy a 10% discount on the registration fee on their second or subsequent rounds.  The best score of any round played will be taken. 

The Baiduri Masters is organized by Baiduri Bank Group, with the support of their event partners QAF Auto Sdn Bhd, QAF Eurokars Sdn Bhd, QAF Transport Sdn Bhd, QAF Brunei, Ben Foods (B) Sdn Bhd, RBA Golf Club Sdn Bhd, and Brunei Press Sdn Bhd.


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