19th May 2016

Bandar Seri Begawan,19May 2016 – 21 years ago, the Baiduri Bank Group started a charity initiative known as the Baiduri Bank Charity Golf tournament. Fast forward to present day and, after achieving some significant milestones including a rebranding of the tournament, it is undeniably recognized as the leading and most prestigious golfing event in Brunei Darussalam.

Since its humble beginning in 1995, the pioneer Baiduri Charity Golf Tournament attracted a modest 200 players, but now 21 years later, the Baiduri Masters regularly attracts nearly 1,000 participants, with the highest numberreaching close to 1,100 in 2013.

Over the years, the tournament has evolved. Here’s a brief overview of what has happened over the last two decades.

The Early Tournament Years (1995 – 2005)
The first “Baiduri Charity Golf Tournament”, as the Baiduri Masters was originally known, took place at the PantaiMentiri Golf Club over a single weekend where it continued to be the tournament venue until 2005. The tournament was open to the public and players competed in two categories only, Gross score and Net score.

The Recent Tournament Years (2006 – present)
In 2006, the tournament had moved to the RBA Golf Club for the very first time, where the tournament has remained to this very day. 2006 also marked the first time the golf tournament had included a Junior category.  It was this move to the RBA Golf Club that showed a spike in attendance to over 400 participants. 2008 was a truly eventful year for the tournament. The tournament had officially taken on the name of The Baiduri Masters and introduced the highly coveted Challenge Trophy.

The following year saw the introduction of the Green Jacket which has been worn by 4 different champions: Wan Man Wan Hil in 2009, Carlos Miguel Eleazar Ochoa in 2011, Khairul Kamis in 2012 and 2013 and defending champion, Seruji Haji Setia in 2010, 2014 and 2015.

2015 was a historic year for Brunei’s golfing community. It saw three hole-in-ones, a feat against all odds,with the first ever golfer walking away with the BND20,000 cash prize and two golfers sharing the Porsche Panamera hole-in-one prize. The last hole-in-one was recorded in 2008 where Elyas Abdullah Chiu aced Hole 2 and was able to drive away with a BMW 7-series. 2015 also saw a real contender for the challenge trophy emerge. In 2013, Khairul Khamis was the first ever Baiduri Masters golfer to win two consecutive Baiduri Masters tournaments, but Seruji Hj Setia, a five-time Baiduri Masters champion, dominated the tournament in 2014 and 2015, is the defending champion and title contender for three wins in a row, a feat which will see him retain the coveted Baiduri Masters Challenge Trophy for life.

The challenge today is: Will Seruji finally walk away with the Challenge Trophy that has eluded him on multiple occasions and make him the first ever in Baiduri Masters history to do so? Or will the return of Khairul Kamis after a two-year hiatus break his win streak? Will 2016 see yet another hole-in-one?

The hole-in-one prizes for the Baiduri Masters 2016, with a combined value in excess of a quarter of a million dollars, comprise a Porsche Cayenne, a BMW 218 Active Tourer, a Mini Cooper and two BND20,000 cash prizes.

The Baiduri Masters tournament is divided into 4 divisions this year – Men’s, Group, Ladies and Juniors. The Men’s division will be further divided into Men’s Gross, Men’s Nett and Senior Golfers Nett. Players who are interested in participating and doing their part for charity can register at the RBA Golf Club.

The Baiduri Masters is an annual charity golf tournament organised by the Baiduri Bank Group which is scheduled to take place during the final two weekends of May 2016. The 21st edition of the Baiduri Masters will take place at the RBA Golf Club and is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

The Baiduri Masters is also supported by the QAF Group of Companies as well as Brunei Press as the exclusive print media partner.

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