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Helping our communities through COVID-19

Dealing with the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on people all across the world including Brunei Darussalam, and has presented an unprecedented challenge on everyone. There are specific segments in our communities who require aid now more than ever. At Baiduri Bank, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility drive, we are aware of the pressing moment for our frontliners and the less fortunate society in general. Therefore, we have organised a number of initiatives to help!

Donation to the frontliners
To support our unsung heroes in their battle to curb the spread of the pandemic, we made a number of contributions in the form of food and personal protective equipment.

In October 2021, we presented a donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Ministry of Health in the form of 5,000 face masks, 2,500 pairs of gloves, 1,000 face shields and 1,000 antigen rapid test kits.

In September of 2021, we donated PPE to the Emergency Medical Ambulance Service (EMAS) of RIPAS Hospital. The PPE came in the form of 1,000 jupiter suits and 600 face shields. We also donated groceries to the paramedics in the form of quick on-the-go snacks and packet drinks.

Also in September 2021, we donated PPE to Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19, a volunteering body set up under the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports to assist the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Operation Centre, the National Disaster Management Centre as well as the frontliners. The PPE comprised 2,000 face masks, 1,000 pairs of disposable gloves, 1,000 face shields and 100 bottles of 500ml hand sanitizers.

A donation of universal protective kits (UPKs) was also made to the Ministry of Health in April of 2020. The donation of 240 UPKs were made with the intention to aid the healthcare workers in carrying out their duties. The UPKs comprised face and eye masks, long sleeve protective aprons, skin wipes, gloves and other PPE.

At the end of March and early April of 2020, we donated 200 sets of weekly groceries to the medical frontliners based at Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital and the Hospital Pengiran Muda Mahkota Pengiran Muda Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah.

Donation to the underprivileged
As part of our pledge to co-create with our community, Baiduri Bank donated 100 brand new laptops to the Ministry of Education to help the underprivileged students continue their studies from home during the pandemic.

In our efforts to support local NGOs and businesses, we partnered with the Impian Project, Dart Logistics and Maju Grocer Supermarket to provide essential groceries for 60 underprivileged special needs families from all four districts.


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