Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take for the beneficiary to receive my TT?
    Within 3 working days.
  2. How much is the charge to send a TT?
    There are 3:
    A. First - Cable Charges
    If the TT is conducted over a Baiduri Bank Counter:
    • BND20.00
    • Other countries – BND30.00
    If the TT is conducted through iBanking:
    • To ASEAN Countries including HKG – BND10.00
    • Other countries – BND15.00
    B. Second - Commission in-lieu for SGD & BND
    • Up to BND10,000 - BND10.00
    • Above BND10,000 – 0.1% of the amount sent
    C. Third - Stamp Duty
    • Flat rate of BND0.10
  3. Why didn't the beneficiary receive the full amount I've sent?
    This is due to the charges levied by the corresponding bank.
    In order for beneficiary to receive in full payment, overseas charges will need to be borne by applicant.
  4. What can I do if the recipient claims they haven't received the funds?
    Come to the bank with supporting documents to request for an enquiry on the status of payment.
  5. What currency will the beneficiary receive the TT in?
    Beneficiary will receive in currency sent by the applicant (account currency).
    In some cases, the beneficiary bank will also convert if the account currency does not match.
    It is advisable to check beneficiary's account currency before sending TT to avoid TT being returned.
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