Client Risk Profile

These questions will help determine your attitude towards risk and investing. Select the most appropriate answer for each question and write the corresponding number in the box.
A. Earning the highest possible return is first priority, even if it requires running some risk to do so.
B. I prefer an investment strategy designed to grow steadily and avoid sharp ups and downs, even it lowers the
     long-term returns.
C. Short-term losses are acceptable if I have confidence that the long-term returns will be good.
D. Protecting the principle is a higher priority for me than making it grow.
E. If I inherited a large sum of money, I would put it in the bank deposit account rather than invest it in stocks.
F. For the right opportunity, I would quit my job and start my own business.
G. I do not think that I will need to spend any of my principle before the end of my planning horizon.
H. I have an excess of cash, TAP and other liquid reserves, compared to my investment portfolio.
I. Apart from this investment, I expect my earnings to increase over the next five years.
J. I have a very adequate emergency fund that would cover most emergencies.
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Important Note :
If there's any changes in your risk rating, please drop by Baiduri Bank for the risk profile assessment.

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