Whether your aim is to protect your income, your life or your home, it is important to ensure that you are adequately insured. This can save you from finances that you are not able to cope with an unexpected event or unfortunate accident. You can work hard to provide food and shelter, and accumulate wealth, but these things should not be left to chance.

Did you know?

It is important to adequately insure your life for financial security before you consider other aspects of financial planning, especially because of the increasing inflation rate and change in lifestyle. Insurance is to cover risks that we may face during our lives. By adequately insuring yourself, you may live your life to the fullest, without worrying about the financial impact in the event of an unfortunate accident or illness.

There are many aspects of insurance. Insurance is not purely based on protecting against accident or illness, it is a financial tool to help you meet your financial objectives. For example, you may need to plan for your child's education and / or your retirement.

Plan Plan Plan

It is essential to protect the most important aspects of your life while spending money only on the insurance that you really need.

For life insurance, it is normally more affordable than you would think. It is also a good idea to start early! The younger you start, the less premium you pay as Insurance premiums increase overtime due to age.

You should also consider an emergency fund or building a safety net for your life; health and disability income insurance so that your loved one will not be left with bills and debts they cannot afford, in the event of an unfortunate incident.

It is never too late to start, even if you have to start small. It is important to start planning especially if you have dependents.

We can help!

At Baiduri Bank, we have got you covered. To help you put your mind at ease, we offer the following Life Insurance plans designed to protect you and your loved ones against any unforeseen circumstances.

Products that may interest you

AIA Living Essentials

Have you ever thought how your family would manage should you be hospitalised or suffer from a serious illness, unemployment or even in the event of death? What if such a misfortunate were to happen tomorrow? Could you and your loved ones cope with the financial consequences?

The fact is we never know what tomorrow will bring. The plan provides essential health, accident and life protection you need even in uncertain times such as SARS, unemployment and terrorists attacks. Upon diagnosis of any of 30 specified critical illness, this plan covers the cost of a second medical opinion from a reputable medical practice on your diagnose medical condition.

AIA Secure Term Plus (II)

There's nothing quite like our family who'd stand by us and comfort us. That's why we have to protect them with all that we have. However, our desire to provide our family with adequate financial security may fall short because we think it's expensive. After all, there are bills to pay, schooling needs to take care of the list goes on.

AIA Secure Term Plus (II) offers cost effective protection at affordable premiums from S$22 a month for death and terminal illness that renews up to age 101. For more comprehensive protection, you can also add on optional total and permanent disability cover that protects you to age 70. With more and more occurrence of diseases and illnesses, critical illness coverage is increasingly crucial. And we go a step further by covering 43 illnesses all the way to age 101. This is the minimum premium requirement based on a monthly payment mode for age 16 and above for a 5-year term.

AIA Smart Growth (II)

Whether your goals include saving for your child's education, planning the holiday of a lifetime, or saving for retirement, AIA Smart Growth (II) is a smart way to save. AIA Smart Growth (II) is regular premium savings plan that allows you to pay off your premiums in just 12 years and offers flexible choice of policy terms of 18, 21 or 24 years to suit your financial objectives. Plus, it has the added benefit of offering life insurance protection too.

As we get older, it can be more difficult to be accepted into an insurance policy. AIA Smart Growth (II) gives you the valuable option to purchase an additional whole life or endowment policy, without any evidence of insurability.

AIA Solitaire Personal Accident

Accident happens. It's an unfortunate fact of life. And regardless of age, or overall levels of health and fitness, or overall levels of health and fitness, a serious accident could alter your way of life. If you were injured in an accident, and unable to work again, or worse, if you were no longer around to care for your loved ones - wouldn't you want the peace of mind of knowing that financial support is at hand.

AIA Solitaire Personal Accident provides worldwide coverage 24/7, offering comprehensive coverage protection covering you at home, at work and while travelling overseas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The plan provides financial assistance with the costs associated with accidental injuries, disability and death for adults aged 16 to 75.

AIA Star Armour

When it comes to young children, adventure is at the heart of their everyday lives. The world is a playground. But it is also filled with many great unknowns. Accidents happen. With AIA Star Armour, an affordable plan that features multiple protection coverage, your child can go out and brave the world with peace of mind.

AIA Star Armour safeguards you against the bills that come your way when you child requires medical care due to an accident or onset of health condition. Enjoy 24-hour worldwide coverage and covers 16 diseases including Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease, Dengue Fever and Food poisoning. The plan also offers optional Child Critical Illnesses benefit that can be converted to an AIA Whole life or endowment policy when your child enters adulthood.

AIA US$ Guaranteed 8 for Life

A lifetime of protection with flexible limited premium payment period

Ensuring that your family is provided for should anything happen to you is your concern. So is funding for your child's education. Building up funds for your retirement may also be your concern.

Whatever your needs, we have the plan for you. One that gives you substantial savings for the future and provides a lifetime of protection. On top of that, we offer flexible premium payment of 8 years.

Great Eastern FlexiLife

Personalise your lifelong insurance protection

Focus on a fulfilling future and safeguarding your family against life’s uncertainties. FlexiLife is a whole life insurance plan that allows you to customise your protection, and also lets you choose when and how you pay for coverage that can grow over time. Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Be protected all through life
  • Flexible modes of payment: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Annual
  • Get coverage that grows with you

Great Eastern Essential Protector Plus

Enjoy comprehensive coverage against accidents

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – and could mean huge bills for treatment and recovery. Essential Protector Plus reimburses you for medical expenses incurred due to accidents, anywhere in the world. And, if the accident occurs while you're overseas - and you seek treatment in that country- your medical expenses reimbursement limit will be doubled.

That’s not all. If you're hospitalised due to an accident, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or food poisoning, Essential Protector Plus also offers a daily hospital income benefit, which will help make up for loss of income while you recover. Plus, the plan offers lump sum payouts for permanent disablement or death from accidents.Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Be reimbursed for medical expenses
  • Receive daily income when in hospital
  • Enjoy easy, guaranteed sign-up

Great Eastern Prestige Term

A million dollar assurance to protect all that matters in your life

Prestige Term and Prestige Term Plus lets you focus on the things that really matter in your life when planning long-term financial security for your assets and your loved ones.With Prestige Term, you can enjoy high-value protection coverage of B$1 million or more. In addition, you may extend your coverage for Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness with Prestige Term Plus. Both plans offer you the flexibility to select your policy term and supplementary riders for a more comprehensive coverage. There's nothing more gratifying than the assurance that those dearest to you will always have the best and be well looked after during unforeseen circumstances.Some great features of this plan includes:

  • High value protection at affordable premiums
  • Million-dollar assurance for your family or business
  • Choice of policy term and riders

Great Eastern Flexi Term

Great is an affordable and flexible way to stretch your protection

Whichever life stage you are in, you want the assurance of having adequate coverage for yourself and your loved ones should the unforeseen happen. Flexi Term and Flexi Living Term are designed to offer you protection at affordable premiums, with the flexibility to tailor your coverage according to your needs, giving you peace of mind.Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Key coverage
  • TPD coverage beyond age 65
  • Choice of coverage term

Great Eastern Supreme Retirement

Make your retirement financially comfortable

Your TAP savings may not be enough to see you all the way through your retirement. Supreme Retirement helps you enjoy your golden years without worrying about money. Starting from the second year of the plan, you can look forward to annual cash bonuses. And, when you reach your chosen retirement age, celebrate with a lump sum Retirement Reward of up to 24 times your selected monthly income, plus guaranteed income every month for the next 20 years.What’s more, signing up for the plan is quick and easy – you’ll enjoy guaranteed signup, without having to go for medical check-ups.Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Receive an assured retirement reward
  • Enjoy guaranteed income raises
  • Get assured monthly income for 20 year

Great Eastern Annual Cashback Endowment

Get guaranteed cashback every year while your savings continue to grow

With Annual Cashback Endowment, you’ll get extra cash for your immediate or future needs. This savings plan delivers a guaranteed cash payout in every year of its term, plus a lump sum payment at the end of the term.These annual payouts will help bring your dreams a little closer – whether it’s getting a surprise for a loved one, going on holiday, or sprucing up the home.Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Receive guaranteed cashback
  • Enjoy all-round protection
  • Get flexibility in more ways than one

Great Eastern Flexi Endowment

Save on your own terms

Whether it’s taking the trip of a lifetime, starting your own business, or buying the car you’ve always wanted, Flexi Endowment helps bring your dreams within easier reach. This endowment plan lets you decide how much you want to save, and for how long you want to save. Plus, it also offers you coverage against death, terminal illness, and total and permanent disability. Some great features of this plan includes:

  • Choose your plan term
  • Select the premium payment period
  • Be covered against the unexpected
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