There’s nothing more fun than hosting a lovely makan-makan at home for your closest friends and family. On the down side it can get expensive, especially if you have a full-blown barbecue, desserts and drinks which can really put a strain on your monthly expenses.

So we asked a couple of people on how to save money while entertaining and compiled a couple of tips, to help u throw a fabulous meal without creating a big dent in your wallet.

1. Breakfast or High Tea – instead of dinner

One of the best ways to save up is to downscale the meal. Instead of a full-blown dinner, plan a lovely breakfast or high tea. The menus are simpler, and ultimately, cheaper.

2. Catering

Sometimes, when you are entertaining a lot of people and you’re not really the cooking type, catering can be an economical way to host a cheaper yet fulfilling meal. Nowadays we can even get a nasi lemak set, which is rice, fried chicken, and all the condiments for $3 per head (sometimes inclusive of tea and coffee!).

3. Potluck

If a catered meal is too formal, involve your guests by organizing a potluck! This means each guest brings a small dish, whether dessert, salad, bread or whatever strikes their fancy. No one really minds, and you can be sure that there will be enough food to go around.

4. Small groups of people

Instead of gathering all your family, the cousins, cousin’s cousins, their in-laws, and maids, take control of the guest list and invite a small group of people. That way, only a small chunk of your expenses will be utilized.

5. Invite by Whatsapp

Do away with the fancy invitations and go digital! Dozens of free apps are available for you to create an original digital invite. And at this day and age, who doesn’t have Whatsapp?

6. Dispose of the disposable dinnerware

If you host often, then it’s a great idea to invest in non-disposable dinnerware. Disposable ones can accumulate your expenses and not to mention are extremely bad for the environment! Have a set of dinnerware that you can take out every time you host parties. There is less chance of the food ending up on the floor too due to flimsy plastic.

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