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8 May 2003

Once again, the Baiduri Bank Charity Golf is pleased to make a presentation of toys and equipment to the special needs children of this country.

Since 1997, the Baiduri Bank Charity Golf has been actively involved in charity work.

“Working with the Child Development Centre, we know that many children suffer from different forms of disability. We also realise that many of these children lack the facilities and the tools with which to improve themselves. Thus, the objective of Baiduri Bank Charity Golf is to contribute directly to the needs of these children by providing them with educational toys and books, special equipment, wheel chairs and the service of specialist doctors who, in their chosen area of expertise, are able to impart the knowledge and skills toward the care, understanding and support of these children,” said the spokesperson for Baiduri Bank.

In addition, the Baiduri Bank Charity Golf sponsor selected cases of children for overseas medical attention. The Baiduri Bank Charity Golf works closely with the Child Development Centre in Kiarong, the Paediatric Department of RIPAS and other non-governmental organisations such as Pusat Ehsan and SMARTER. The implementation of the Early Intervention Programme at Pusat Ehsan is supported by Baiduri Bank Charity Golf. The effort of SMARTER which provides help to parents with autistic children is also to be praised. Supported entirely by parents, SMARTER has made a tremendous contribution toward the study and understanding of this disorder and has set up a resource centre at Jigsaw Berakas School where help can be obtained. Baiduri Bank Charity Golf is proud to be associated with the tireless effort of such organisations in bringing joy and encouragement to the lives of special needs children.

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