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18 October 2003

Baiduri Bank announces the launch of another innovative product, Baiduri i-Card, a virtual card exclusively designed for Internet purchases, mail order and telephone order.

Linked to an existing Baiduri MasterCard credit or prepaid card, Baiduri i-Card allows cardholder to determine the daily usage limit from BND50 up to the maximum credit limit granted under the linked card, where applicable. Subsequently, all transactions carried out under Baiduri i-Card will be recorded in the monthly statement for the linked card, for easy reference.

“With the upsurge in demand for online purchases and other forms of home-shopping, customers want to enjoy the variety and convenience of virtual purchases, while keeping the risk of card abuse to the minimal,” said Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank.

“And this is the beauty of Baiduri i-Card – by allowing cardholders to specify a usage limit, it will substantially reduce the risk of abuse, on top of helping cardholders to manage their personal finances more effectively.”

Starting from 18 October 2003, Baiduri i-Card is available to all existing cardholders of MasterCard Classic, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Electronic prepaid card and Baiduri MTV Card at an annual fee of BND15. For more information on the product, please call Baiduri Card Centre customer service hotline at 245-4191 or visit the nearest Baiduri Bank branch.

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