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29 September 2003
The MasterCard Asia/Pacific Annual Fraud Reduction Task Force Meeting 2003 with the theme “Protecting Payment System Integrity” was held from 15-17 September 2003 in Peninsula Hotel, Bangkok. More than 90 delegates representing MasterCard International, MasterCard member financial institutions and regional law enforcement agencies from 15 countries attended the event.

Baiduri Bank was invited by MasterCard International to be a member of this important task force, in recognition of its active role in promoting MasterCard products and contribution to fraud control initiatives in the country. Baiduri Bank is one of the largest MasterCard International acquiring banks in Brunei, and has issued a wide range of MasterCard products, including classic and gold credit cards, MasterCard Electronic prepaid card and Baiduri MTV Card. Representing the Bank at the Task Force Meeting was Madam Lee Ai Cheng, manager of Baiduri Bank Card Centre.

The three-day event covered issues related to payment card fraud, with particular focus on systemic skimming fraud attacks in Asia-Pacific, such as wire-tapping and internal compromised activities. Panelists comprised of international experts presented market-specific fraud challenges as well as MasterCard best practices and investigation techniques. The significance of law enforcement / industry partnership in combating payment card fraud was also examined.
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