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12 August 2004

Baiduri Bank held a 1-day seminar on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) yesterday (12 August 2004) at The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Amongst the delegates were the bank’s business partners from both the private and public sectors, spanning a range of industries including automobile, telecommunications, oil and gas, FMCG, hospitality and insurance. More than 30 delegates from different companies and government agencies attended the seminar, together with 10 members of staff from the bank’s Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Card Centre, Sales and Marketing departments and Baiduri Finance.

Designed and led by Professor Michael Savod, a world-class IMC veteran and facilitator from the United States, this seminar aims to reveal the keys to successful IMC that will enable organisations to compete, survive and prosper by effectively building brand equity and reinforcing relationships with customers, prospects and stakeholders.

Some of the key topics covered in the seminar include identifying target marketing, setting marketing communications objectives and creative strategies, advertising and public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, media and e-communications. Through the sharing of best practices and case studies, it enables delegates to develop strategic communications programmes through a variety of media, for greater marketing effectiveness in an increasingly competitive business environment.

This is one of Baiduri Bank’s initiatives to contribute towards greater commercial success for its business associates, while increasing the competency level of its staff in marketing communications.


Professor Michael Savod has over a quarter of a century of top marketing and sales management experience with world-renowned corporate product brands. More recently, he has turned to academia and the rewards of sharing all he has learned from a successful marketing career.

He has designed the IMC, global marketing, sports/sponsorship and event marketing curricula – and was Adjunct Professor – for the University of California (Berkeley), and at California State University. Most recently he is the Creator and Academic Director of the IMC Masters Degree programme at Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

At the same time, he has kept himself at the leading edge of marketing developments by founding TMC (Target Market Communications), a California-based consulting firm which provides to its clients advice and strategies for COST-EFFECTIVE marketing/marketing communications.

Professor Savod’s distinguished career included Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for The Oakland A’s, one of the United States’ top major league baseball clubs. Prior to that he was V.P. Sales and Marketing for Maserati, and has held top marketing, sales and operations positions with Chrysler Corporation and Ford Motor company (including heading up its Japanese sales and marketing operations earlier in his career). In addition to Chrysler, Ford, Maserati, his work scope has at one time or another encompassed American Motors, Jeep, Lincoln-mercury, Renault and other car brands.

Professor Savod has maintained his interest in Asia over more than 25 years. He holds a BSc in Industrial Economics from Purdue University and an MBA from Golden Gate University.

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