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06 July 2004

Baiduri Bank today (06 July 2004) launched a new branding campaign that reflects the bank’s growing leadership and strength in providing world-class products and services. Featuring the tagline “It’s a great big world”, the campaign highlights the key strengths of Baiduri Bank, namely Service accessibility, Innovation, “One-stop” for personal and business banking, and In-depth local knowledge and understanding.

In line with the bank’s rapid growth over the years, the new campaign is a natural extension of Who’s Your Bank campaign launched in 1997/98.

“Our previous Who’s Your Bank campaign was created to rally our employees and customers around the transition Baiduri Bank was undertaking from focusing solely on corporate business to encompassing both corporate as well as retail banking,” said Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank. “While Who’s Your Bank has successfully established the bank’s image as a retail customer-focused financial service provider, It’s a Great Big World takes the theme further by showcasing our new corporate identity: the dynamic, internationally recognised award-winning bank that is truly local.”

It’s a Great Big World campaign signifies Baiduri Bank’s entrance into a new phase of development as it celebrates its 10th year of operation. With a strong customer base and leading market position, the bank is now poised to reach new heights in service quality and product innovation. It reinforces the bank’s commitment to provide a diverse range of world-class, innovative banking product and services, while remaining close to the heartbeat of Brunei, growing and evolving with the country and its people.

“The new campaign captures our corporate direction and provides a stronger strategic focus as we seek to establish ourselves as the excellent banker and business partner of Bruneians who genuinely understand local needs and strive to fulfil them,” said Mr Imhof. “At the same time, it enables us to connect with our customers, who appreciate financial products and services with a personal touch.”

Along with print advertising, which commences today, Baiduri Bank will integrate the branding campaign into all its marketing collaterals. A new, contemporary look introduced at the bank’s The Mall and Tutong branches will gradually be extended across all branches to reflect the dynamism and progressiveness that the brand encapsulates.

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