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17 September 2004

For the third year running, UK-based The Banker magazine has awarded Baiduri Bank as 'Bank Of The Year Brunei' in its annual assessment. The Bank was conferred this prestigious accolade at an award ceremony held at The Dorchester Hotel, London, on 7 September 2004. A total of 162 winners from 133 countries who represent the cream of the global banking community and top achievers in the industry attended the award ceremony.

In recognition of its consistent achievement, a Bracken Award was also presented to the Bank during the award ceremony. Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank, received the award certificate and trophy at the ceremony from Mr Brian Caplen, senior member of The Banker’s global editorial team.

The country award acknowledges both the quantitative and qualitative achievements of Baiduri Bank that incorporate not only the Bank's excellent financial performance but also its technological and strategic developments.

In The Banker's September 2004 issue, the publication lauded Baiduri Bank for its "impressive growth record, with operating income up more than 50% last year (2003) compared with 2002." Baiduri Bank was also noted for expanding its ATM and branch networks across the country, and embarking on a number of strategic partnerships with regional and international key players, which "gives the bank an edge in an intensely competitive industry.

" Says Mr Imhof, “I am honoured that Baiduri Bank has won the 'Bank Of The Year Brunei Award' for the third consecutive year. This is a testimony of our strong commitment to bringing world-class products and services to the people of Brunei. With a deep understanding of local needs coupled with global expertise, we are in an excellent position to accomplish this mission.

“Our achievements in 2003 have once again proven our ability to scale new heights through dynamic management, and we look forward to stronger business performance with the support of our customers and shareholders.

.” Baiduri Bank also achieved highest ranking for Brunei on the ‘Banks of the Future By Country’ listing published in The Banker’s August 2004 edition.


Since its inception in 1926, The Banker, a publication owned by Financial Times Business Ltd., UK, has been a trusted source of global financial intelligence. Its exclusive World Banks listings and banking coverage has become not only essential reading to financial professionals worldwide but also a key indicator of financial performance.

The Banker Awards go beyond The Banker’s top 2000 global banks ranking, published each July, by looking at more than hard statistics. All banks invited to enter are hand-picked by The Banker and asked to answer questions on their growth and performance in terms of tier-one capital, assets and return on equity. Added to this they must demonstrate how the use of technology is helping them advance their market position and show how their banking structure and strategy will equip them for future developments in their market. All these factors are taken into consideration by The Banker’s global editorial team to judge the standard of their performance over the whole year, as well as the strength of their position for the coming year.

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