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19 August 2005

Baiduri Bank today hosted an investment seminar titled “The USD and Investing in Asia” for its Prestige customers and corporate clients at the Mutiara Ballroom, Sheraton Utama Hotel. More than 150 Baiduri Bank customers and invited guests attended the seminar.

Guest speaker for the seminar was Dr Lee Boon Keng, Vice President and Market Strategist at DBS Global Financial Markets based in Singapore. He approached the topic by addressing three fundamental questions: .

-Is the US Dollar rising structurally?

- Where is the Federal Reserve going from here?

- Is Asia the preferred place to invest?

During the seminar, Dr Lee shared valuable market insights and analyses with the aim to provide all participants with an understanding of key factors behind the movements of US Dollar, including the policy of Federal Reserve, US economic growth and twin deficit, how that may impact on other major currencies, and the prospects of investing in Asia. This was followed by an open-floor question and answer session for the participants.

Speaking at this event, Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank said, “As a financial partner, Baiduri Bank’s dedicated team is constantly seeking to provide our Prestige customers and corporate clients with better support in wealth and asset management, and update them with relevant market information to help guide their investment decisions.

“We believe there is a segment of mass affluent investors in Brunei who are keen to invest in the global markets. In addition to offering premier banking services under Baiduri Prestige, we will also be focusing on investment products that cater to their needs and financial objectives.

“In March this year, we successfully introduced the Baiduri Twin Currency Deposit, a foreign exchange-linked time deposit that guarantees higher interest than conventional BND fixed deposit. This will be followed by other structured deposit and treasury products in the near future, as we leverage on our international expertise, local knowledge and strategic alliances with leading financial institutions and investment specialists in the region,” added Mr Imhof.

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