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18 February 2005

In a continuing effort to support local charitable organisations, Baiduri Bank is proud to sponsor therapists from the Child Development Centre and Society for the Management of Autism-Related Issues in Training, Education and Resources (SMARTER), Brunei to attend a two-day workshop on “Teaching Social Thinking and Social Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders at Home and at School” in Singapore.

Held from 15 – 16 February 2005, this workshop provided an opportunity for participants to develop excellent insights and educational information into the minds of autistic children and be equipped to share their knowledge and skills with other therapists, parents and other siblings of these children. In addition, participants from the Child Development Centre and SMARTER Brunei will also be able to share, what they have learned with staff and volunteers of Pusat Ehsan, KACA, Special Education Unit and other community groups who are interested, hence enabling many others to benefit as well.

The presentation of donation by Baiduri Bank was held today (18th February 2005) at Baiduri Bank’s head office at Kiarong Complex. Mr Philippe Petitier, Senior Deputy General Manager of Baiduri Bank presented the mock cheques to Rose Lim, on behalf of Child Development Centre and Malai Haji Abdullah, President of SMARTER, Brunei at the event.

This sponsorship is one of the Bank’s on-going initiatives to fulfil its corporate social responsibility towards the local community. Baiduri Bank is committed to support children with special needs by working closely with the Child Development Centre, SMARTER Brunei, Pusat Ehsan and other non-profit organisations.

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