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08 January 2005

In collaboration with the Breast Cancer Support Group, a local non-profit organisation actively involved in breast cancer education, research, screenings and support programmes, Baiduri Bank held a Breast Cancer Awareness Talk for its female Prestige customers, Ladies Cardmembers and female staff.

t cancer and encouraging women to screen themselves regularly, breast cancer will be detected earlier and the chances of surviving the disease will be greatly enhanced.

The Breast Cancer Awareness Talk was held on 8th January 2005 at Sheraton Utama Hotel.

The talk began with a brief introduction from Noramalina Mohd Alfian, a committee member of the support group. This was followed by sessions focusing on issues related to breast cancer, including an overview of breast cancer in Brunei, Breast Self-Examination practice and means to cope with breast cancer, from the perspectives of nurses, volunteers and survivors

Talk Itinerary:

Topic Speaker
Introduction Noramalina Mohd Alfian
Breast Cancer Support Group Sophia Tan
Breast Cancer in Brunei Darussalam Rosita Morshid
Breast Self Examination Practice

Matron Hjh Dayang Jaliha Hj Momin,

Noramalina Mohd Alfian and

Hjh Sahaidah Hj Taib

Coping with Breast Cancer Jini Veerasamy
Questions and Answers session  

Closing remarks

Baiduri Bank also donated B$1,000 in support of the work of the group. During the event, the mock cheque was presented by Ms Veronica Chong on behalf of the management of Baiduri Bank to Ms S.M. Veerasamy, Secretary of the Breast Cancer Support Group.

In line with the goal to fulfil its corporate social responsibility, Baiduri Bank is committed to help its lady customers achieve their financial goals and at the same time contribute towards their physical well-being. The Bank will continue its support of various educational and health initiatives in collaboration with related organisations.

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