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07 June 2005

The payments industry faces increased security challenges as payment card counterfeiters and other criminals employ more sophisticated techniques and technologies to defraud financial institutions and their customers. Committed to support government initiatives to combat payment card fraud and build a secure environment for the people of Brunei, Baiduri Bank held a special ceremony today to present the MasterCard Smart Tool Kit – a payment card security and fraud detection kit – to the Royal Brunei Police Force. The ceremony was held at the Royal Brunei Police Headquarters at Gadong. Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank presented the MasterCard Smart Tool Kit to Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Datu Kerma Setia Awang Zainuddin bin Jalaini, Acting Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force. More than 30 officers and senior representatives from Baiduri Bank and the Royal Brunei Police Force were also present at the ceremony.

The MasterCard Smart Tool Kit is designed to be a portable yet comprehensive aid to support law enforcers in the investigation of payment card fraud cases. It contains advanced fraud detection and investigation equipment, as well as an audio-visual guide that will help both new and experienced investigators enhance their knowledge.

MasterCard International has created and distributed more than 300 smart tool kits to law enforcers in Asia/Pacific. It has been an industry leader in the development of security features, such as the tamper-evident signature panel, the use of three-dimensional holograms and card validation codes. In its endeavour to develop “cutting-edge” fraud detection and prevention solutions, the company has championed a number of new technologies, including Aristion, a rule based parameter driven system; RiskFinder, a neural network system with a unique capability of building both merchant and cardholder profiles for fraud detection; and MasterCard® SecureCode™, a Global e-commerce security solution for protecting confidential cardholder data over the Internet.

“Baiduri Bank is proud to work with MasterCard International and the Royal Brunei Police Force in combating payment card fraud and protect consumers’ interest. This initiative complements our ongoing efforts such as fraud prevention education workshops for merchants,” said Mr Imhof.

“We firmly believe in the significance of law enforcement/industry partnership in combating card fraud. As a leading bank in Brunei, we will continue to play an active role in helping to detect counterfeit payment cards and reduce related crimes.”

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