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17 June 2005

Baiduri Bank made Brunei proud in winning yet another regional award – the Asian Banking Awards 2005, presented by the Asian Bankers Association (ABA) in cooperation with several national bank associations in the region and with BusinessWeek as the official publication.

Baiduri Bank’s recent branding campaign “It’s a great big world” emerged winner in the Marketing, PR or Brand Management Project category of the Asian Banking Awards 2005, among 118 entries from 48 banks in 16 countries.

Presented in 2005 for its sixth year, the Awards recognise and honour banks in Asia that carry out best banking practices. It has become a premier banking awards programme in the Asia/Pacific region.

Based on the criteria established for eight distinct categories, banks in Asia/Pacific were nominated for specific products, programmes and services that showcase best banking practices.

Awards in each category were made to banks in the region that, in the opinion of the independent Board of Judges and Advisers, have implemented or enhanced outstanding and innovative products, services, projects and programmes during the previous year.

Anchored on the positioning statement that “Baiduri Bank helps Bruneians make the most of the world”, “It’s a Great Big World” campaign underscores the Bank’s commitment in helping its customers to achieve the best in their worlds – be it business, personal finances or family – at different stages of their life cycle. The branding campaign also highlights the key strengths of Baiduri Bank, namely service accessibility, innovation, “one-stop” for personal and business banking, and in-depth local knowledge and understanding.

This is the second time Baiduri Bank has won the Asian Banking Awards. One of the Bank’s most innovative products, the Baiduri MTV Card, was awarded runner-up in the PR, Marketing or Brand Management category of the Asian Banking Awards 2004.

These are in addition to the prestigious Bank of the Year country awards that Baiduri Bank has attained for three consecutive years in 2002, 2003 and 2004, as well as the Bracken Award for 2003 and 2004, both presented by The Banker magazine, Financial Times Business, UK.

These awards are a testimony of the Bank’s market leadership, its continuous quest for excellence and strong commitment to providing Bruneians with world-class banking products and services.

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