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29 July 2006

In a new scam, called vishing, identity thieves use bogus phone numbers instead of Web sites.

As part of Baiduri Bank’s ongoing efforts to educate its customers and the general public on internet security, the Bank wishes to inform that there is now a new kind of identity theft scam using an old tool – the phone- to trick Web users.

This new scam is called “vishing”- short for “voice phishing”. In phishing scams, identity thieves send e-mail that typically says the recipient’s account has been compromised in some way, and it contains a link to an “official looking” website where the recipient is requested to enter his/her account information. In vishing scams, the fraudsters send email that request recipients to call a bogus number, where an automated answering service asks for account information.

These frauds are particularly nefarious because they mimic the legitimate ways people interact with financial institutions.

In fact, some vishing attacks don’t begin with an email. Some come as calls in which the caller already knows the recipient’s credit card number – increasing the perception of legitimacy – and asks just for the valuable three-digit security code on the back of the card.

Vishing appears to be flourishing with the help of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, the technology that enables cheap and anonymous Internet calling, as well as the ease with which caller ID boxes can be tricked into displaying erroneous information.

To avoid vishing scams, Baiduri Bank offers the following advice:

*You should not call a telephone number provided in a phone call or an e-mail. You should always call the phone number at the back of your credit card or on your bank statement to report security concerns.

*If you get a telephone call where someone is asking you to provide or confirm any of your personal information, immediately hang up and call Baiduri Bank with the number on the back of your card or on your bank statement.

* Baiduri Bank will not send email requesting customers to provide their personal details or account information on the internet. If you receive such email, please do not respond to them.


For more information, customers may contact the nearest Baiduri Bank branch or call 2424008.

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