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14 June 2006

Baiduri Bank is proud to announce the launch of the new Baiduri MasterCard CashCard, an enhanced prepaid payment card designed to meet the lifestyle needs of today’s younger generation. With this announcement, Baiduri Bank becomes the first issuer in Brunei to launch this innovative offering under the MasterCard® Unembossed Program. Cards launched under this programme can be used at all electronic terminals where MasterCard is accepted.

The Baiduri MasterCard CashCard combines the global acceptance of MasterCard with the additional security of electronic authorisation. Accepted internationally at over 23 million establishments and over 1 million MasterCard/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs worldwide, Cardholders will be able to enjoy the extensive, international purchasing power associated with the MasterCard brand.

New benefits that appeal to the cool, trendy and Internet-savvy youth In addition to the convenience of global acceptance at electronic point-of-sale terminals and ATMs, Cardholders can also enjoy the following:

Online shopping and bill payment

*The Baiduri MasterCard CashCard can be used to make purchases on the Internet, wherever MasterCard is accepted. This supports the digital lifestyle of the modern generation, allowing them to download their favourite music and ring tones, access digital media, pay their bills online, subscribe to cyber membership and enjoy shopping at online malls and e-auction sites, for instance.

Convenient top-up

The Baiduri MasterCard CashCard can be reloaded at any Baiduri Bank branch, including the extended hours branches at Supa Save Gadong and The Mall, which are open 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm. For Baiduri Bank and Baiduri Finance account holders, top-up can be done easily at any Baiduri Bank ATM by auto-debit from their current or savings account.

Cool discounts and privileges

Cardholders will enjoy great savings when they dine, relax or entertain with their Baiduri MasterCard CashCards at some of the most popular outlets in town.

In addition, the Baiduri MasterCard CashCard can also be used as a fast and reliable means to transfer money to families and friends. The sender is able to transfer funds to the receiver simply by topping up the receiver’s Card balance. As soon as the transaction is completed, the money is instantly available on the receiver's Card and can be accessed via any Baiduri Bank branch or ATM, any MasterCard/Maestro/ Cirrus ATM worldwide, or be used to make purchases at electronic point-of-sale terminals across the globe.

Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank, said: “The Baiduri MasterCard CashCard is created for consumers who prefer to use a payment platform that offers convenience, flexibility, greater control over expenses and added security. It enables consumers with little or no credit history, such as students and career starters, to enjoy the global acceptance and benefits of a MasterCard.

“This Card is also created with the needs of today’s youths in mind. The contemporary youths are Internet-savvy. They want convenience and aspire financial independence. To meet the growing and ever-changing needs of these young individuals, we have packaged the Baiduri MasterCard CashCard to focus on offering more freedom and convenience as well as lifestyle privileges.

"The launch of the Baiduri MasterCard CashCard attests to Baiduri Bank’s vision and unquestionable commitment to offering new and improved products to our customers. We are also delighted to carry the distinction of being the first bank in the country to launch this innovative card product. By combining the strengths of both brands, we will empower consumers to enjoy a new level of financial freedom and control with their Baiduri MasterCard CashCard," he added.

With the addition of the Baiduri MasterCard CashCard, Baiduri Bank becomes the only bank in Brunei that offers the full range of payment card products, namely credit, debit and prepaid cards. It is also the first and only bank in the country to offer payment cards for all the three leading brands – MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Special launch offer

The normal fee for a Baiduri MasterCard CashCard is BND1.00 per month for each complete month of usage. The Card is valid for up to three years from date of purchase.

As an introductory offer, Cardholders who purchase the Card from now till 31 December 2006 will enjoy 50% off the monthly fee, making it even more affordable and better value-for-money. On top of that, Cardholders will also get to enjoy 15% savings on B-Mobile prepaid starter pack and discounts on B$9 and B$21 Wetszone PinkPoint Cards.

The Baiduri MasterCard CashCard is now available at all Baiduri Bank branches for anyone aged 12 and above. For more information on the Card, please call Baiduri Card Centre Customer Service at 2454187 or visit any Baiduri Bank branch.

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