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6 September 2006

Baiduri Bank has expanded its investment products by introducing the SGAM Bonus Builder Fund. The Fund, an open-ended unit trust of daily liquidity is managed by SG Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd.

The Fund offers 4 fixed quarterly payouts of 1.2% of the Initial Offer Price per Unit1 Focusing on the top 5 stock indices in Asia, the Fund is set to grow from strength to strength; building on the back of Asia’s shining achievers.

Three good reasons to participate in the Fund:

*The Fund distributes payout of $0.012 per unit1 on a quarterly basis. This represents an attractive $0.048 per unit on an annual basis .

The Fund provides a Minimum Floor, which limits the downside risk in a declining market scenario. In a rising market scenario, the Minimum Floor will increase in tandem with any increase in the Fund’s net asset value (“NAV”) per unit.

*Long-term capital growth can be achieved through participation in Asian (including Japan) and Australian equity indices. Risk diversification is also achieved by investing across five different indices on the top stock exchanges in terms of market capitalization2 in Asia.

When investing in the Fund, investors are qualified to participate in the Road 2 Rewards promotion. The Road 2 Rewards promotion offers over B$250,000 worth of unbeatable prizes, including a brand new Porsche Cayman S, Cartier ladies watch, OSIM massage chair, Star Cruise package, Samsung 42” Plasma TV, holidays to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Shanghai and Hong Kong with spending money and many more.

For more information on SGAM Bonus Builder Fund and the Road 2 Rewards promotion, please contact 2268300 for more details; come into any Baiduri Bank branch to speak to the Bank’s customer service representatives.

1 The fixed payouts only apply to investors who hold their investment until the relevant Payout Date. Units that are redeemed before the relevant Payout Date will be based on the prevailing realisation price of units of the Fund.

2 Source: World Federation of Exchanges

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