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19 September 2006

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, a group of 24 Baiduri Bank staff took part in a course on First Aid (CPR) training at National Resuscitation Centre in Ong Sum Ping.

The Baiduri Bank staff comprised of Mr Andrew Young, the Deputy General Manager of Operations, Mr William Lim Thau Yin, Head of Security, Branch managers and Bank personnel. Mr Andrew Young delivered a speech to the Bank staff and the Health officials present at the training.

As stated in Mr Andrew Young’s speech, “The Bank places a high priority on staff training. Training does not only cover all aspects of the job which, in itself, is important but also extends to fire, health and safety training. Since 2004, the Bank took an important step in setting up the Security Control Centre, or SCC in short. The establishment of the SCC has security first and foremost in mind. As you know, the SCC is able to monitor not just the safety of the premises 24 by 7, it is well equipped to monitor any fire alarm and within 2 minutes will be able to pinpoint the exact location and confirm if it is a real or false alarm.”

“The First Aid course is a continuation of this initiative, First Aid skills are necessary to save lives. Experiencing a sudden and sharp pain on the chest, numbness on the right side of the body or enjoying a swim that suddenly turns tragic are events that can happen at any time. You could make a difference if you have first aid skills and know what to do. You must be prepared.” added Mr Andrew Young

The First Aid training was conducted by Yang Mulia, Malai Hj Abdullah Hj Malai Othman, Director of Administration and Finance, Ministry of Health. The CPR training provides valuable knowledge and hands on training in areas that are crucial especially when there is a situation that may be detrimental to another individual’s health. The Bank staff will be equipped with the basic knowledge of resuscitation.

The training provided is in line with the Bank’s policy to equip the staff with value added skills; skills that are not directly linked to the staff’s daily operations, but skills that will give the staff the extra capability when dealing with customers, be it front-line or back support.

More sessions will be conducted for Baiduri Bank staff in the next few months.

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