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24 April 2007

Baiduri Bank and The Western Union Company® jointly launched a mobile phone-winning promotion for the Western Union Direct to Bank serviceSM(D2B) to the Philippines and Indonesia from now until 15 June 2007.

During the promotion period, customers get one chance to win mobile phones and other exciting prizes for each money transfer to either the Philippines or Indonesia using Western Union D2B service at any Baiduri Bank branch. A prize draw will be conducted monthly and every month, there will be two winners for the Motorola L2 mobile phone.

In addition, customers who are also Western Union Gold CardSM members can earn five points by sending money from Brunei. These points can be accumulated to redeem free gifts such as radio clocks, jackets and watches. Customers can apply for a Western Union Gold Card free of charge at any Western Union locations at Baiduri Bank.

Baiduri Bank, through Western Union, has added to its service offerings the Western Union D2B service to Indonesia and the Philippines in February, allowing senders to remit money directly to the recipient’s account at the designated banks in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Western Union® D2B service is available at all Baiduri Bank branches throughout Brunei. The Bank also offers greater convenience through its extended hours branches located at The Mall and Supa Save Gadong, which opens 7 days a week.

Western Union began its collaboration with Baiduri Bank in 2005 and has offered money transfers in Brunei since 2001 with the launch of the Money in MinutesSM1 service through which recipients can pick up their money within minutes after it is sent.

1 Subject to Agent locations, hours of operations, time zone differences and applicable restrictions

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