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27 February 2007

Baiduri Prestige customers were invited to the exclusive event ‘The Official Launching of Pace Tempo’ at The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Present to officiate the launch at The Empire Hotel and Country Club was Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Bini Hajah Faizah binti Dato Haji Nasir. Upon arrival, the Guest of Honour was greeted by Ms Alvina Chung, Baiduri Prestige Manager; Jimmie Tay, Director of Pace Tempo and Nigel Moore, Director of Operations of The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Other distinguished guests included the Management of Baiduri Bank, Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank; Mr Ti Eng Hui, Deputy General Manager of Retail Banking and Branch Network; CEO of Audemars Piguet, Mr Oliviero Bottinelli; Managing Director of Bvlgari, Mr Richard Yong and Managing Director of Fortis and Anonimo, Mr Mark Quek.

The Guest of Honour was presented with a gift from the CEO of Audemars Piguet, Mr Oliviero Bottinelli in appreciation to consenting to being the Guest of Honour for the exclusive ceremony. The Guest of Honour also consented to signing a plaque and taking a photo session with the Management of Baiduri Bank and Management of Pace Tempo and their brand partners.

The Guest of Honour and Baiduri Prestige customers were invited to view the collections and were served refreshments throughout the night.

Baiduri Prestige customers enjoy a world of privileges and exclusive benefits and preferential treatment. The exclusive invitation demonstrates the Bank’s ongoing commitment to offer unique lifestyle experiences for its Prestige customers.

For more information on Baiduri Prestige, customers may contact the Baiduri Prestige Centre at 2228206 or call any Baiduri Bank branch.

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