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22 June 2007

Baiduri Bank today hosted an investment seminar on their latest product addition to their existing range of funds, the SGAM Global Luxury & Lifestyle Fund by Societe Generale Asset Management.

The seminar took place at Sheraton Utama Hotel. Notable guests were Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank, Mr Ti Eng Hui, Deputy General Manager of Retail Banking and Branch Network of Baiduri Bank and Mr Ernest Yeo, Chief Marketing Officer of SGAM, the speaker for the seminar.

The SGAM Global Luxury & Lifestyle Fund is the first ever of its kind in Singapore to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for luxury goods and services across the globe by investing in the world’s top luxury and lifestyle companies.

Five good reasons to participate in the Fund:

  • The Fund has an impressive international portfolio of luxury goods and services companies with strong brand name and brand recognition

  • The Fund benefits from new wealth in emerging economies like China, India, Russia and Latin America fuelling growth of the luxury market

  • The Fund benefits from strong demand for luxury goods and services driven by increasing affluence in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore

  • The Luxury Goods sector enjoys a fairly price-inelastic consumer demand for recognized brands

  • The Fund invests in a broad spectrum of companies within the sector and allows for better management of the fund’s risk profile

In his speech, Mr Imhof stated, “There is a growing segment of affluent individuals who are keen to look beyond the conventional time deposits and property investments, to explore other options that will enable them to grow and protect their wealth.”

“Therefore Baiduri Bank is actively promoting financial education, with a dedicated team of certified financial planners to help customers make the right investment decisions suited to their individual financial needs and objectives.”

“With the steady growth of the national economy, resident’s income keeps increasing and investor’s awareness of Wealth Management is gradually enhanced, which creates conditions for Baiduri Bank to develop customer-tailored and diversified wealth management service responding to the various financial needs of investors.” added Mr Imhof

For more information on SGAM Global Luxury & Lifestyle Fund, please contact 2268 300 for more details or visit any Baiduri Bank branch to speak to a Certified Financial Planner.


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