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28 March 2007

Since the launch of the Baiduri Early Savers Savings Promotion 2007, Baiduri Finance has received astounding response from their clientele and members of the public.

Today, Baiduri Finance has taken a step further to create awareness by advertising the Multi-Tier Savings Account (MTSA) and the promotion on public transportation. The routes chosen are on Eastern Lines 34, 36 and 39. Baiduri Finance staff and Baiduri Bank staff were present to officiate the launch of the buses.

The Baiduri Early Savers Savings Promotion 2007 was launched from 01 January to 30 June 2007. The Promotion offers an attractive Grand Cash Prize of BND100,000. For the month of January, Mr Hon Chii Haw and Lee Sooi Wah won the cash monthly prize of BND2,500. Mr Chung Heng Kong and Mr Ku Eng Sin won the cash monthly prize of BND3,000 for the month of February.

By investing in the Multi-Tier Savings Account, customers are rewarded with high interest rates. Interest is calculated daily and credited monthly into the account.

General Manager of Baiduri Finance, Haji Haliluddin Dato Haji Talib said, “Our Promotion is aimed at encouraging a savings culture in the community. The biggest obstacle facing savers is not a lack of money; rather it is the lack of information about financial management. At Baiduri Finance, the Multi-Tier Savings Account (MTSA) is one of the most attractive savings accounts available, with the most competitive interest rates and easy accessibility.”

He added, “It is important to realise that saving a small amount regularly can make a major difference and that savings plans should suit the lifestyles and goals of the individuals.”

For more information on the Promotion or the Multi-Tier Savings Account, visit your nearest Baiduri Finance or Baiduri Bank branch or call 2268300.

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