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11 May 2007

The Baiduri Early Savers Savings Promotion 2007 has had on-going tremendous success since inception in January and is now in its fourth month.

The lucky winners for the month of April, Ms. Pun Wei Ping and Ms. Analisa Agudera Rillion, were presented with their cash prize of BND4,000 each by Ismail Haji Narawi, Loss Recovery Manager of Baiduri Finance.

“The objective of the promotion is to cultivate the importance of saving and managing money. It incorporates the concept of saving, how interest makes money grow, how to create a budget and how to identify needs versus wants. Saving is an important step on the way to financial well-being, both in the short term and in the long term. A consistent pattern of saving can enable you to accomplish your financial goals, such as financing a college education, a home purchase, or a retirement.” said Hj Haliluddin Dato Hj Talib, General Manager of Baiduri Finance.

The April monthly draw was held at Baiduri Finance Kiarong branch on Friday, 04 May 2007. The April monthly draw was conducted by Mr Aaron Wong, Sales Manager for Lexus Division, NBT (B) Sdn Bhd and witnessed by a lawyer, Mr Roy Prabahkaran of Cheok Sankaran Halim Advocates and Solicitors. Baiduri Finance staff were present to witness the event.

New and existing customers can still stand the chance to win monthly cash prizes amounting from BND9,000 to BND10,000 and the Grand Cash Prize of BND100,000. Monthly cash prizes are distributed to two winners.

For further details on the Baiduri Early Savers Savings Promotion 2007, customers may visit any Baiduri Finance or Baiduri Bank branch, or call 2268 300.


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