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12 April 2008

Bandar Seri Begawan, 12 April 2008 – As a Baiduri Prestige member and as part of the 5 Prestige Principles, members receive exclusive benefits and privileges to live life to the fullest and to suit their lifestyle. Members also receive special invitations to Baiduri Bank events, dinners, seminars, lifestyle workshops and exclusive previews.

Baiduri Bank today hosted a Health & Beauty exhibition and seminar exclusively for its Baiduri Prestige members. The event took place at Songket Ballroom, The Rizqun International Hotel. The one-day well being exhibition and seminar promotes the value of being beautiful inside and out.

Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank said, “Today’s exhibition and seminars are meant to give women and men an opportunity to improve their all round wellness and maintain their beauty.  It is an interactive exhibition where attendees are able to navigate their way through a series of self-improvement zones. Everyone must learn about how they can lead healthy lifestyles and remind themselves about the importance of knowing their health background along with the risk factors.”

The exhibition showcases products and services being offered by participating vendors such as Cantik Beautyline, P’fection Beauty Concept, Sin Li Wan Hairdressing & Beauty Salon and Vitaworld Healthcare Sdn Bhd. Baiduri Prestige members are also treated to two seminars conducted by specialists from Parkway Group Healthcare, Singapore; Dr Andrew Khoo and Dr Chua Jun Jin.

The seminars will cover two main themes; firstly Advances in Body Contouring and secondly Looking younger and feeling better. The seminars are aimed to help the attendees recognize their inherent beauty, dignity and ability to bring positive changes into their lives.

For more information on Baiduri Prestige, please contact 223 3111 for more details or visit any Baiduri Bank branch.

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