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13 June 2008
As part of the very successful Baiduri Finance Multi-Tier Savings Account Promotion which runs from 01 April – 30 June 2008, Baiduri Finance conducted their second monthly draw today.

The promotion offers an attractive grand cash prize of $50,000, second grand cash prize of $30,000 and a third grand cash prize of $20,000. In addition, Baiduri Finance is giving away monthly cash and novelty prizes throughout the promotional period. Customers can also win MasterCard Cash Cards through Baiduri Finance’s weekly quiz on Kristal FM during the Jenny M show every Monday.

Since launch, Baiduri Finance has received an overwhelming response from the public, with new Multi-Tier Saving Accounts being opened at its Kiarong and KB outlets, as well as across all Baiduri Bank branches in the country. This Promotion is open to both new and existing accountholders of the Multi-Tier Savings Account (MTSA), a rewarding deposit product offered by Baiduri Finance.

The second monthly draw for the month of May was held at Baiduri Bank training centre, Kiarong complex. The draw was witnessed by Mr Abdul Ghani, Sales Manager of NBT KB and a lawyer, Mr On Hung Zheng from CCW Partnership. Also present at the event were senior executives and staff of Baiduri Finance. For further information on the Promotion, customers may visit any Baiduri Finance or Baiduri Bank branch or call 226 8300.
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