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20 June 2008
French spray painters Migwel, Deser and Keflione who are currently in Brunei continue to draw huge interest and participation in their workshops and conferences on their unique line of street art.

The three belongs to the French SOAP collective artists, which specializes in spray painting using environmentally friendly spray paint.

Members of the public can see a live performance from the artists at the 1st floor of the Mall, Gadong, tomorrow starting at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Besides watching the artists demonstrate the art on canvas, those who are lucky enough can get a chance to have their favorite clothes or shoes customized by the three painters.

Organized by Alliance Francaise, that project is aimed at providing cultural and educational exchange for free to the people of Brunei.  Its director, Ms Cyrielle Bazin explained that while her organization is responsible for organizing the event, it would not have been possible without the funding and support from sponsors.  Among the sponsors is Baiduri Bank, the main sponsor for this event.

When contacted, Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank said that, “As part of our commitment towards community development, Baiduri Bank has regularly supported cultural exchanges with the aim of bringing about better understanding and closer relations among the different ethnic groups.  This project is one example of this.”

“Although quite well established in many other parts of the world, this new art form not only introduces a new way of expression through art, it also uses environmentally friendly paints, which is in line with our own sustainability proposition of “saving for a brighter future.” 

During the live performance at the Mall tomorrow, Baiduri Bank shall be setting up a booth, where customers who sign up for their products or services shall receive a free t-shirt each which they can then have spray painted by one of the artists.
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