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24 June 2008

The Prime Minister’s Department, under its Energy Department today launched a partnership initiative with Baiduri Bank to further promote energy efficiency and conservation in Brunei Darussalam.

To symbolize this partnership, a ceremony was held at Baiduri Bank’s Head Office in Kiarong this morning where copies of a booklet entitled “Awang Cekmat’s Tips on Energy Saving”, stickers and bookmarks carrying the same theme were handed over to Baiduri Bank.  These are for distribution to employees of the bank as part of an awareness campaign to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

Awang Haji Ismail Bin POKPS DP Hj Hashim, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister presented the items to Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank.

After the presentation, both Haji Ismail and Mr Imhof proceeded to physically place the stickers on the walls around the bank.

In his welcome remark, Mr Imhof said, “Baiduri Bank has a strong commitment to promoting sustainable development as part of our corporate social responsibility programme.   As such, Baiduri Bank is deeply honoured to have been chosen by the Prime Minister’s Office as the first bank to participate in this e-Savings initiative.”

Among the initiatives that Baiduri Bank has undertaken in support of this commitment were: encourage recycling of paper for internal use, switching off the lights or air conditioning when no one is in the room and encouraging staff members to share transport. 

As part of this new partnership, Baiduri Bank will soon be engaging the assistance of an expert in energy conservation in assessing areas where energy savings can be incorporated in the future design of their office premises, at the recommendation of the Energy Department.  “We hope that with this exercise, we can have some savings on our electricity bill, and this savings in turn, can be channeled to other meaningful causes within the local community”, added Mr Imhof.

The Energy Department shall also be participating in the Baiduri Expo 2008, which shall be held at the International Convention Centre from 26th to 29th June, where it shall showcase measures that can be taken by the public to conserve energy, in line with the theme of the expo “Saving for a Brighter Future”.  Members of the public are welcome to visit their booth where they can participate in quizzes and games and win prizes.

Also present at today’s event was Awang Haji Alidi Bin Haji Mahmud, Head of Energy Division at the Prime Minister’s Office, and senior officials from the Government and Baiduri  Bank.
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