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2 May 2008

Bandar Seri Begawan, 02 May 2008 – Baiduri Prestige members today, Friday 02 May 2008, were invited to an exclusive preview of the d’Banyan Residency @ Sutera roadshow held at The Empire Hotel and Country Club from 10am to 2pm. Ms Alvina Chung, Manager of Baiduri Prestige, Mr Lim Chee Eng, Manager of Axsel Property, Baiduri Bank staff, WCT Land Berhad personnel and Axsel Property personnel were present at the event.

During the preview, Baiduri Prestige members were treated to a presentation of the d’Banyan luxury designer homes. Baiduri Prestige members could view a scale model showcasing the property with its main features and facilities. Ms Alvina Chung, Manager of Baiduri Prestige said, “It is a privilege to be able to collaborate with WCT Land Berhad and organise this exclusive preview for our Baiduri Prestige members. The event is part of the Privileges Principle where Baiduri Bank lives up to the promise of providing exclusive privileges and benefits to Baiduri Prestige members. We ensure our Prestige members live life to the fullest, have the benefit of preferential treatment and know that Baiduri Bank looks after their best interests.”

The Privilege Principle is part of the enhanced Baiduri Prestige programme which aims to provide the highest level of service and support for its clientele. The enhanced programme has been re-designed based on 5 Prestige Principles – Personal Touch, Progression in Wealth, Priority Recognition, Privileges and Platinum Status.

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