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17 October 2008
Bandar Seri Begawan, Friday, 17th October 2008.   Brunei’s leading automobile finance company, Baiduri Finance is set to move its Head Office to new premises in tandem with its business growth and to serve its customers better!

Ultra modern facilities with emphasis on customer service await its customers at a strategically located newly completed building in Beribi, in the heart of the automobile district.

" The move is a reflection of Baiduri Finance’s success over the years, and is in line with Baiduri Bank Group's current plans to upgrade premises and facilities in order to serve customers better.  This will bring our finance company closer to the automobile district", said Mr Pierre Imhof, General Manager of Baiduri Bank.

Among the highlights of the new premises are the incorporation of energy-saving features into the design, such as energy-saving light fittings and air conditioners as part of Baiduri Bank Group’s initiatives for energy conservation.

In the new premises, clients will be offered various specialized counters to process different types of transactions more efficiently.

This strategic location will adequately complement the existing network provided nationwide by the Baiduri Bank Group to achieve its objective of proximity to its clients and partners.

Baiduri Finance, a 100% owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank, has several achievements to its name. Among others, Baiduri Finance was certified to ISO 9001 in 2003 and remains the only finance company in Brunei carrying an ISO9001 certification.

In partnership with motor dealers, in 2006, Baiduri Finance introduced the Enhanced Product Delivery Process, the first of its kind in Brunei.  This is an automated service, which enables fast processing of hire purchase applications and speedy payments to motor dealers.

Baiduri Finance has consistently achieved high profits over the past few years.  Commenting on the performance of Baiduri Finance, Mr Imhof said that he expects 2008 to be again a very good year with its net income well over the 2007 level of BND 36 million.  In that respect, Baiduri Finance will continue to bring positive contributions to the whole group, which, according to Mr Imhof, forecast a good consolidated result, thanks to excellent achievements of Baiduri Finance and robust financial performances of the Bank.
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