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30th December 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan, Wednesday, 30th December 2009.   In line with the Group’s vision to continually build on the skills and competencies of its workforce, 24 employees from various departments and branches of the Baiduri Bank Group attended a one-day Basic Fire Safety Course held at the Fire & Rescue Department Headquarters, Old Airport Road, Berakas on 24th December.

Organized jointly by the Training and Security Departments of Baiduri Bank and facilitated by course leaders from the Fire and Rescue Department, the course started with an introduction by Deputy Station Officer, Rozita Hj Mohd Kamis on the background, history and structure of the organization.
The group with the course facilitator at the completion of the course.   A participant trying his hands at putting out a fire using an extinguisher.   Participants in a mock evacuation procedure getting a victim ready to be carried down the building on a stretcher.
A demonstration by Fire & Rescue personnel on the correct method of moving a victim with an injured right leg onto the stretcher.        
Participants were briefed by Assistant Superintendent, Fire Prevention Unit, Wadi Hji Tuah on the various fire prevention equipment available in Brunei as well as fire safety features of buildings, offices, houses and other public places.  The Special Squad "B" headed by Assistant Station Officer Abdullah Hj Reffin was on hand to share practical evacuation tips.  A demonstration on handling and moving injured victims was also presented.

In the afternoon, the group had the chance to put to practice their newly gained knowledge in a drill simulating a fire in a high rise building where they performed in an evacuation procedure for trapped victims.  Four "victims", including a heavily pregnant woman and a man with a broken left thigh, were brought to safety with the help of members of the Special Squad.

All participants were also put through a “dark room exercise”, with the scenario of being trapped in a dark building during a fire.  The objective was to find the way out of the building in pitch darkness through corridors and passage ways by the use of safe techniques.

Since 2006, Baiduri Bank Group has organized numerous fire safety courses for its employees in collaboration with the Fire and Rescue Department and plan to organize more in the coming year.

Among those who attended last week’s course included the Bank’s Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager, Dorothy Newn and Head of Security Control Centre, Pg Shadan Bin Pg Yakub.
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