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17 February 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan - Baiduri Bank hosted a training session on Visa’s Account Information Security (AIS) program for Baiduri Card Merchants; the first of its kind to be conducted in Brunei. The training on the Visa AIS program is in compliance with the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

The PCI DSS is a set of industry-wide requirements and processes, which are supported by all international payment card systems. The purpose of PCI DSS is to ensure that valuable cardholder account data is always secure. It is intended for any organization that stores, transmits or processes cardholder account and transaction data - merchants, acquiring banks and related service providers. All these organizations must comply with these new standards to protect cardholders’ data and in return, minimizes the organization’s own financial and reputation risks.

With the increasing use of technology, it has brought about a number of security challenges that range from consumer identity privacy to payment applications that are designed to store sensitive cardholder data. The objective of the training exercise is to ascertain that merchants understand the security features of cards in circulation in addition to effective reporting procedures designed to apprehend fraud.

Information security awareness helps secure information assets by informing people about information security risks and controls in a general sense; promulgating the organization’s information security policies, standards, procedures and guidelines, and externally imposed laws, rules and regulations; motivating people to behave in a more security-conscious manner and speeding up the identification and notification of security breaches.
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