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13 June 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan, Saturday, 13th June 2009.  Baiduri Prestige today held the third and last in a series of seminars for its members as part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations this month.  Divided into a morning and an afternoon session, the seminar was held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club and attracted more than 180 participants.

Mr Thomas Matthew, distinguished speaker from Singapore.
Entitled “Breaking the Millionaire Code: The 4 Elements of Wealth Creation”, it was delivered by Mr Thomas Matthew, a distinguished strategic financial coach on business, finance and management in the Asia-Pacific Region who has helped thousands of individuals and businesses realize their financial goals.

During the highly interactive and informative sessions, Matthew highlighted the various stages in the life cycle of a typical individual, and the various resources available at each stage to address their needs and wants.  These included Generation Y (aged 18 to 25), Generation X (aged 26 to 45), the Baby Boomers (aged 46 to 60) and the Retirees (aged 60 and above).

He shared tips on how to become financially independent early in life by having a strategy.  To start a strategy, one must: (1) have a purpose in life (2) start with an end in mind (3) have a risk management portfolio to protect against timeline disruptions (d) have a wealth management portfolio and (e) have succession planning.

You are considered financially independent, according to Matthew, when you have achieved three things in life: having a home that is fully paid, have savings to cover at least 12 months living expenses, and having income generating asset earning a decent rate of return.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn the different element and personalities of an investor and how to identify one’s own personality profile.
Part of the participants during the afternoon session.
Mr Raymond Bariou, Baiduri Bank’s Senior Deputy GM (2nd left, front row) with Prestige members during the morning session.
Dayang Nellie Bte Dato Sunny, one of Baiduri Prestige members who attended today’s seminar said, “It was interesting and engaging, with lots of examples.  The 4 elements is something new to me."

Another participant, who did not wish to be named said, “The seminar provided different perspectives on investment behavior.  It is good to know your investment habits or profile before deciding on an investment, and I have learned a lot today.  I thank Baiduri Bank for bring this seminar to Brunei for its Prestige customers".

Present at today’s event were Mr Raymond Bariou, Senior Deputy General Manager; Mr Ti Eng Hui, Deputy General Manager, Retail Banking & Branch Network; Ms Alvina Chung, Baiduri Prestige Programme Manager and Ms Dorothy Newn, Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager of Baiduri Bank.

Baiduri Prestige is an elite programme designed exclusively for the mass affluent and highly successful customers of Baiduri Bank and its subsidiary Baiduri Finance.

To commemorate the programme’s 10th anniversary, the Bank has also lined up an array of offers exclusively for their members at selected merchants throughout the entire month of June.  These include special discounts on dining, lifestyle and health and beauty.

A gala dinner themed “Black Tie and Diamonds” will be held on Saturday, 27th June at the Empire Theatre exclusively for members who have been with Baiduri Prestige for 10 years.
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