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5 June 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan, Friday, 5th June 2009.  An overwhelming number of Baiduri Prestige members today attended a seminar on currency strategies and its outlook organized specially for them at the Empire Hotel and Country Club.  The seminar is part of the activities being held to commemorate Baiduri Prestige’s 10th Anniversary this year.

The seminar entitled "From Crisis to Recovery" was presented by Mr Philip Wee, Senior Currency Economist, DBS Group Research.  Among others, Mr Wee compared performances of the current financial crisis with past crises.  These included the USD crisis (1985-87), Nikkei bubble burst (1990), Asian crisis (1997-98), Dot.com crisis (2001) and the US credit crisis (2007-09).

He touched on the performance of Asian currencies with the rise in stock markets and provided some perspectives on the USD crisis and the reserve currency debate.  The seminar also shared insights on GDP & CPI forecasts for some of the major markets as well as forecasts on interest rate and currency exchange rate for major currencies in Asia, US, Japan and the Eurozone.

Baiduri Prestige is an elite programme designed exclusively for the mass affluent and highly successful customers of Baiduri Bank and its subsidiary Baiduri Finance. To commemorate the programme's 10th anniversary, the Bank has also lined up an array of offers exclusively for their members at selected merchants throughout the entire month of June.  These include special discounts on dining, lifestyle and health and beauty.

The highlight of the celebration will be a themed gala dinner to be held on Saturday, 27th June at the Empire Theatre.

Tomorrow (6th June 2009) will see another seminar at the same venue. Entitled "Asian Market Outlook and The Opportunities to Seize", the seminar will be presented by Mr Yeang Cheng Ling, Senior Portfolio Manager and Ms Daphne Chan, Vice President, Business & Marketing, Societe Generale Asset Management, Singapore.

They will discuss the current financial crisis which is rapidly becoming an economic crisis and threatening to become a social crisis around the world.  Participants will also gain an insight into the current global market outlook and performances of some investment funds.

A third and final seminar titled "My Formula: Breaking the Millionaire Code & 4 Elements: Forces of Wealth Creation" will be held next Saturday, 13th June to be delivered by Mr Thomas Matthew, a distinguished lecturer on business, finance and management in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Also present at this afternoon's event were Ms Alvina Chung, Baiduri Prestige Programme Manager, Ms Dorothy Newn, Manager, Corporate Communications and Marketing and Mr Peng Eng Soon, Head of Wealth Management of Baiduri Bank as well as Prestige relationship managers from the Bank.
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