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More single parents or sole breadwinners of their family for this year
15th October 2009
Brunei, October 15, 2009 – Western Union today awarded education grants worth a total of $5,000 to 10 migrant workers in Brunei. The winners are from Bangladesh, Indonesia, India and the Philippines.

Now in its third year, the Western Union Education Grant Program aims to avail funds that will help aspiring individuals and their families overcome barriers and journey to a better life through higher education. Each grant of S$500 covers as much as a year’s tuition fees in countries such as Indonesia or the Philippines, and other necessities like books and uniforms.

Mr David Batubara, Country Director, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, Western Union, said:
“Western Union has continued with its Education Grants program to help extend a helping hand to migrant workers in Brunei. The Education Grant allows individuals to realize their tremendous potential with scholarships supporting literacy.”

He added: “In the past year, the recession has made itself more keenly felt in countries around Brunei, areas that this city has turned to for additional work support – Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, etc. So, in its third year, the Western Union Educational Grant Program has experienced unprecedented need.”

Ms Joyce Tan, CEO of HOPEwwS, said: “In these economic times, the program is more relevant and needed than ever before. Among the 150 submissions, we short-listed and interviewed 20 applicants to select the 10 deserving winners. Through their stories, we learnt that their incomes are not sufficient enough to support their family, let alone the hefty costs of education. Yet, for all of them, their main concern is for their children to have a better education and a better future.”

The Western Union Education Grants were open to migrant workers in Brunei from all countries with school-going children.  The final 10 recipients were determined based on criteria including number and ages of children, marital status and income.  The short essay developed by the applicant about why he or she should be selected for the grant was also taken into consideration. The judging panel consisted of members from Baiduri Bank, Brunei Darussalam.

Western Union has given a total of 35 education grants worth B$17,500 to migrant workers in Brunei since the launch of the Western Union Education Grant Program in 2007.

Since 2000, Western Union’s philanthropic arm, the Western Union Foundation has granted almost US$55 million to more than 1,870 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in 100 countries. In addition, since 2007 the Foundation also runs the Our World, Our Family program, a US$50 million, five-year comprehensive and targeted global citizenship initiative that provides the skills, knowledge and resources to amplify the positive impact migrants are having in their new communities and on those they have left behind.

Through programs such as the Education Grant, The Western Union Company embraces the hopes and dreams of the more than 200 million people around the globe who live outside their country of origin*.

*World Migration 2008 – Managing Labour Mobility in the Evolving Global economy, International Organization for Migration and company estimates based on data available
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