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17th October 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan, Saturday, 17 October 2009.   More than 70 employees of the Baiduri Bank Group volunteered their time this afternoon to help replant 1,000 tree saplings sponsored by the Group at the Badas Forest Reserve in the Belait District in support of the ISB 50,000 trees project.

The group was met on arrival at the site by Mr David Taylor, Executive Principal of International School Brunei (ISB).

Led by the General Manager, Mr Pierre Imhof, the volunteers took about an hour to plant the trees made up of native plants in a plot within the Karagas Forest area, which was destroyed by fire in 1998.  The trees were supplied by the Forestry Department, and the sponsorship from Baiduri Bank Group will be used to pay contractors to maintain the tress for a period of two years.

" This green initiative is part of our corporate social responsibility and staff engagement programmes.  The bank sponsored the trees, while the employees volunteered their time", said Mr Imhof.

Veronica Chong, Senior Manager, Human Resources added, "I am very pleased to see the overwhelming support shown by our staff, which goes to show how well informed they are about global environmental issues and taking responsibility to help slow down the problem."

Pengiran Jeffrey Tuah, who works in the IT Department, said,"I put my name in as soon as I heard that the Bank had made a pledge in July in support of this cause. A green enthusiast myself, I am proud to work for an organization that supports these initiatives."

Kim Alexander of Seria Branch added, "I got my hands dirty, but it was all worth it. Deep inside, I will always remember that I contributed to this project, albeit in a small way, to help save the environment for our future generations. It is also at times like this that we have the chance to mingle and get to know our colleagues from other branches better outside of work. Today’s trip was both educational and bonding experience for me with my colleagues".

Also present at the tree planting event were Mr Raymond Bariou, Senior Deputy General Manager and Mr Ti Eng Hui, Deputy General Manager, Retail Banking and Branch Network of Baiduri Bank.
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