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2 October 2009
Bandar Seri Begawan, Friday 2nd October 2009 – Baiduri Bank’s Wealth Management Centre today held a seminar to introduce the SGAM India Infrastructure Fund (“Fund”).  Offered by SG Asset Management (Singapore) Limited (“SGAM”), it is the first open-ended equity fund for Brunei’s retail market that invests in the flourishing Indian infrastructure sector. Baiduri Bank Group customers attended the seminar held at the Sheraton Utama Hotel.

The speakers were Mr Aashish Wakankar, Vice President and Lead Fund Adviser from State Bank of India Funds Management Private Limited (SBI FM); and Ms Daphne Chan, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development from SG Asset Management.

The Fund invests in the Indian Infrastructure which includes essential services to facilitate economic and social interaction. In the current volatile global environment, infrastructure stocks are attractive thanks to the features of these stocks. They are usually essential services with relatively inelastic demand. Certain sectors have high barriers to entry as they often require extremely high initial outlay and are generally considered longer-duration assets usually extending to hundreds of years, depending on the asset type, maintenance and technological progress. They are typically capital intensive and require a high degree of regulatory control as they provide an essential service to the public.

According to Mr Peng Eng Soon, Head of Wealth Management Centre of Baiduri Bank, the SGAM India Infrastructure Fund will benefit from the unparalleled competitive advantage forged by a partnership between Société Générale Asset Management (“SGAM”) and State Bank of India Funds Management Private Limited (SBI FM). SBI FM has consistently delivered value to its investors and is recognized as an Indian Equity leader promoting some of the best performing equity funds. SBI FM has over 15 years of fund management experience and has won numerous awards in 2006 and 2007.

During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to learn about the investment philosophy of the Fund which lies at providing the investor with maximum opportunity through equity investments in stocks of growth-oriented sectors is based on the following approaches:

1. Identifying potentially undervalued stocks across sectors using both a top-down and bottom-up approach.
2. Generating value for investors through early identification of stocks that are likely to outperform in future

A similar seminar will be held at Oil and Gas Discovery Centre in Seria tomorrow for customers in the Belait District.

For more information on the SGAM India Infrastructure Fund, please call Baiduri Bank Wealth Management Centre at 2232154 or 2232456.

SG Asset Management (Singapore) Limited
SG Asset Management (Singapore) Limited is SGAM's regional head office for the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region. SGAM’s track record and presence in Singapore dates back to 1989 and has more than 20 years of asset management experience. SGAM Singapore’s assets under management have grown to US$1.4 billion as of end June 2009. SGAM Singapore manages Asia Pacific mandates for SGAM and is committed to providing the highest level of asset management expertise to clients globally. In addition, the Singapore office also offers SGAM's global and specialist asset management expertise to clients in Asia Pacific ex Japan region, comprising of dedicated mandates, mutual funds, fund of funds and structured solutions.
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