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20th April 2010

Bandar Seri Begawan, 20 April 2010. A total of 100 employees from throughout the Baiduri Bank Group thronged the streets and back lanes of busy Gadong commercial district under the hot sun last Saturday afternoon in a grueling challenge of physical endurance, intellectual prowess, courage and speed.

Dubbed “Baiduri Amazing Race 2010”, the race started and ended at The Mall, Gadong. Participants were divided into 20 groups of five members each. Sprinting from one location to the next and clad in green t-shirts, each group had to complete 5 activities or risk disqualification.
One challenge located at the nearby wet market was aptly called “dizzy goal post”, where each group member had to shoot a football into a designated goal after spinning around 20 times; another challenge was “cricket scare” where team members were required to pick out treasures from a box full of live crickets located at a pet shop. Participants were also required to eat sandwiches filled with wasabi while drinking freshly squeezed pure lemon juice as beverage, not something for those with weak stomach. The race would not have been complete without more eating where gulping down a complete pizza was mandatory. At the last stopover at a spa, one would have expected a relaxing time. But the opposite was true when team members were greeted with a different kind of foot massage – the one accompanied with much pain.
All but one groups managed to complete all activities within the 1 hour time frame allowed. “Cool Bananas” came up champion of the day, while “Violet” was adjudged the best dressed. The top three teams took home cash prizes worth $500, $300 and $150.
The event was part of Baiduri Bank Group’s staff engagement activities and aimed at promoting teamwork and a culture of “thinking outside the box”.
Accompanying images:

1) Eating wasabi filled sandwich was one of the challenges.

2) Dashing through the Mall in search of treasures.

3) Cool Bananas, the winning team.
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