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24th May 2010

Bandar Seri Begawan, 24 May 2010.  Baiduri Bank Group was one of the 558 organizations (as at 3.25 p.m. today) which pledged their support of the e-Saving SOS Campaign being held today in conjunction with Energy Day 2010. Employees were requested to observe the three actions required by SOS.

Employees were also encouraged to make additional effort to support this nationwide effort aimed at increasing public awareness on the importance of energy conservation.  Two employees, Dannie Koh and Ong Ed Red did just that.  Instead of driving to work like they usually do, they mounted their bicycles and cycled to their office.

“The idea of cycling to work was something that the Baiduri Bank Group Cycling Club has always wanted to do and there is no better day than on Energy Day 2010 to initiate this bike-to-work-concept which not only conserves energy but biking itself promotes a healthy lifestyle. I am glad to play a part in the Baiduri Bank Group’s pledge in this year Energy Day campaign and the Bank’s overall corporate social responsibility”, said Koh.

"Considering the traffic congestion today in Jangsak and Beribi, we were glad we cycled. We started off from Baiduri Bank Sengkurong Branch where I live nearby and we rode a short 18km to our office in Kiarong. I took a shower in the office and felt fresh afterwards. Good way to start the day!”, added Ong.

Most departments within the Baiduri Bank Group have already been practicing energy conservation since an energy saving campaign was launched 2 years ago.  The airconditioning in most departments are set at 24 or 25 degree Celsius. It has also been a practice to switch off lights and airconditioning when the room is not in use.  At least one department makes it a point not to turn on the lights unless necessary. “Since there is ample natural lighting from the windows, lighting is off always unless there is a need to switch on, such as during rain or at night. Only natural sun light is used and depending on the time of the day, window blinds are adjusted to allow natural light entering through windows”, explained Anthony Wong, head of the department.


Dannie Koh and Ong Ed Red cycling to work.   The two arriving at the Baiduri Bank Head Office.
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