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1st August 2011

Bandar Seri Begawan, 1 August 2011.  Nineteen members of staff from Baiduri Bank’s Head Office in Kiarong successfully completed a Fire Marshalls training that was held last week.  The training was conducted by the Fire and Rescue Department and held at the Baiduri Bank Training Centre and the Training Centre of the Fire and Rescue Department in Beribi.

The 3-day intensive training included briefings and simulations as well as team building exercises and activities.  The first day of the course consisted of theoretical training on fire prevention methods and procedures on calling emergency hotline 995.  The participants were also briefed on how to prevent the spread of fires and technique on how to extinguish fires.  They were also shown the various types of fire extinguishers, and taught procedures of evacuating a building in case of a fire.

Participants had the opportunity to put the various theories they had learned to practice during the second and third day. Simulation practices such as hose drill and evacuation techniques were carried out.  Hose drill techniques included folding and unfolding a fire hose as well as connecting and disconnecting the hose.  Evacuation techniques included evacuating a dark building, techniques used to rescue and carry casualties.  The participants were also taught how to identify the type of fire and select the correct type of fire extinguishers for the situation.

The course also emphasized the significance of fire safety awareness and the seriousness and consequences of fire hazards.

The Fire Marshall Training is part of a series of fire training organized by Baiduri Bank and facilitated by the Fire and Rescue Department as an ongoing effort to ensure that its employees are well equipped and trained to handle situations of fire or other emergencies.  This also ensures the safety and livelihood of other Baiduri Staff as well as customers.  Besides fire training, Baiduri Bank also organizes cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid training to provide its staff members with a well-rounded development.

On successful completion of the training, all participants were issued with Fire Marshall Certificates.  To date, a total of 27 staff members of Baiduri Bank have completed the Fire Marshall training.

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