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2nd July 2011

Bandar Seri Begawan, Saturday 02 July 2011 – Following are the updates from the RBA Golf Club, Berakas for the second day of the Baiduri Masters 2011.

Chu Vui Kiat – who impressively jumped
3 spots from yesterday to carry the 3rd position in today’s game.
New entry Khairul Kamis – who is in 6th position
New entry Wan Man Haji Wan Hil – who is in 11th position


RBA Golf Club, Berakas
Rank Player name Gross By
1 Dennis Koh 71 OCB (L9)
2 Hj Arfian Hj Abd Kadir 71 OCB (L9)
3 Chu Vui Kiat 71  
4 Hj Yussop Daud 72 OCB (L9)
5 Hj Md Khairul Hj Jamaluddin 72  
6 Khairul Kamis 74 OCB (L6)
7 Chris Tay 74  
8 Seruji Hj Setia 75 OCB (L9)
9 Col (B) Hj Abd Aziz Abdullah 76 OCB (L9)
10 Mohd Ali Tuah 76 OCB (L6)
11 Wan Man Haji Wan Hil 76  
12 Yunos Abdullah 77 OCB (L9)


Nearest to the Pin

Hole #2 – Ahmad Izzat Dato Haji Zaimi
Hole #5 – Cyrill J. Lai
Hole #12 – Haji Amir
Hole #14 – Pg Haji Zulkefli Pg Haji Besar
Hole #16 – Pg Rakawi Pg Haji Sabli

The total tally of golfers that have participated in the Baiduri Masters in RBA Golf Club as of today is at 231. Still holding the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the rankings are Dennis Koh and Hj Arfian Hj Abd Kadir. Both Hj Yussop Daud and Hj Md Khairul Hj Jamaluddin who respectively held the no. 3 and no. 4 spots yesterday were overtaken by Chu Vu Kiat in an impressive display of golf today in RBA Golf Club.

Dennis Koh took the top spot with a score of 71 OCB (L9) followed by Hj Arfian Hj Abd Kadir and Chu Vu Kiat with scores of 71 as well. Close behind with a score of 72 are Hj Yussop Daud and Hj Md Khairul Hj Jamaluddin.

New entry Khairul Kamis came two points behind with a score of 74, followed by Chris Tay with the score of 74 too. Seruji Hj Setia, whose gross score was 75, came in 8th. In 9th, 10th and 11th positions are new entries Col (B) Hj Abd Aziz Abdullah, Mohd Ali Tuah and Wan Man Haji Wan Hil whom carded a gross of 76 each.  The 12th spot is Yunos Abdullah with 77.

Tomorrow session at RBA will be filled with over 100 golfers aiming to be amongst the top 12 gross golfers from RBA Golf Club, and who also have the opportunity to shoot a hole-in-one and win any of the luxury cars or cash prizes.

To make the cut, the top 12 gross players RBA Golf Club will vie for the Green Jacket.

Yesterday’s top 12 players were:

Rank Player name Gross By
1 Dennis Koh 71 OCB (L9)
2 Hj Arfian Hj Abdul Kadir 71  
3 Hj Yussop Daud 72 OCB (L9)
4 Hj Md Khairul Hj Jamaluddin 72  
5 Chris Tay 74  
6 Chu Vui Kiat 75 OCB (L6)
7 Seruji Hj Setia 75  
8 Yunos Abdullah 77 OCB (L9)
9 On Sie Lu 77 OCB (L9)
10 Mohd Khairol Hj Bakar 77  
11 Abd Rahim Hj Juma’at 78  
12 Pg Adam Pg Atan 79 OCB (L9)
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